July 1, 2018

July Swings/Uptrending stocks list ($10-15)

ARWR: A incredible stock, performing excellently over the past year, gaining over 700% over that time period. With an expected continuation, a 16.50 pt is in place
FNKO: Up 50% over the last 3 months, reaching new highs consistently, expecting the uptrend to continue
CLUB: Up 200% over the last year, has had a strong climb, recently broke its 5 year high, the sky is the current limit for this stock, watching over 15
USAT: A long-term uptrending stock that’s gained 700% over the last 5 years. Taking off over the last 2, this is an excellent sit and forget it stock
ECYT: Up 800% over the last year, watching for a break of 14.50 for confirmation of its tremendous reversal to continue
GFN: A low volume, long-term slow and steady gainer, gaining an average of 30% per month over the last 3 months. At its 5 year high, expect the climb to continue
VG: Up 100% over the last year, and 350% over the last 5 years, As it continues to reach new highs, this is the definition of a good long-term hold
CDXS: Perfect swing chart, complete with predictable spikes and dips, Up 160% over the last year, currently pulling back, with a resistance at 16.50, expect it to attempt to break it again soon
BLFS: Low volume stock, that’s quietly gained 350% over the last year, as it reverses. Large pt, due to its positive movements, 17.50
CDNA: One of the strongest gainers over the last year on the market right now, CDNA has gained a whopping 1000% over that time period. Currently pulling back, watching for a reversal and continuation of its movements, support at 11.50, resistance at 16
NEO: Up 60% over the last 3 months.Long term grower has had an excellent surge since 2013, watch for a continuation.
RDNT: Up 1000% since the beginning of 2014, incredibly steady uptrend, expect its movements to continue long-term
OOMA ,FATE, CEMI, ABCD, NDLS, CBAY, ADAP, ABR: Stocks on watch to continue there uptrend.
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