September 30, 2018

October Swings/Uptrending Stocks

IDXG(+72% last 3M): Has Run hard since June first of this year, closing in on 100% gained over that time period. Support at 1.53, resistance at 1.70, solid time to buy.
LIQT (+350% Past year): Explosive growth since the beginning of May. Resistance at 1.90, expecting another attempt to break it and reach our $2 pt shortly
REFR(+95% past 3m): Strong reversal underway after Several years of a consistent downtrend. Watching for the climb to continue to 2.00
SNGX(+88% past 3m): Short-term run underway after reversing from a drastic drop in late June. With momentum on its side, Pt. 2.25
TMQ(+109% past Year): Has had an amazing reversal after its 2016 low of .19. Watch over 2 for this to truly take off
ACST(+150% past Month): Has had news that has rocketed this stock over the last few weeks. Long-term history of a downtrend, but shows signs of a beginning of a massive reversal, if this continues.
EGY(+242% past year): Had explosive growth Starting early April, but has cooled off of late. Reversing currently, watch over 3.25 for this to become another buy candidate
ROYT(+85% past year): Slow but consistent grower, recovering from a pullback, solid loading time.
CHMA(+140% Past 2m) Low volume stock that’s quietly put up excellent numbers over the last 2 months, on a very consistent uptrend. No real resistance in sight, expecting a continuation
EYPT(+63% last Month) Has had a solid year with several hiccups. Currently pulling back, loading opportunity.
IMMP(+42% past month): Has had a great year so far, punctuated by the surge its experienced over the last month. With room left to climb, watching over 4
NOG(+300% past year): Has Had an excellent year, surging since our call under 2. With the reversal breaking the important resistance of 3.65, new pt. of 4.75 in place
SDPI(+63% past Month): Performed consistently great over the last year, however truly taking off recently. Pt of 3.60 firmly in place
SSKN(+72% past 3m): Has had a great few months. 3.85 looms as a resistance point. Watching over it.
STKS(+126%): Low volume but consistent grower over the past year. Solid long-term hold.
CVM(+328% last 3 months): Has Had an excellent recovery since its large late June drop. Expecting its climb to continue long term
NSU(+104% past year): Slow gainer but strong consistency. Solid long-term hold
OASM(+250% past 3m): Excellent performer recently after months of stagnation. Currently pulling back, watching for the reversal
VHC(+30% past month): Had a great September, consistently growing during the month. Expect it to continue into October.
ARQL(+395% past year): Has exploded this year, over 500% at one point. Recovering from a pullback currently, expect another attempt to break its 6.80 resistance.
BVX(+62% past 3m): Decent, sporadic gainer to watch.
DNR(+373% past year): Has Had one of the most consistent uptrends for stocks under 10. ur pt. of 9.00 set early this year remains intact.
MFIN+(+200% past year): Consistent grower, solid buy.
MTBC(+244% past year):Has Had a historic reversal, reversing from a low of under .40 back in April 2017, gaining over 1000% since that time. Strong company, expect a continuation.
NIHD(+1150% past year): One of the best performers over the last year. resistance at 6.75, expecting another attempt to break it in the future.
NOA(+(67% past 3m): Low volume stock that’s consistently climbed since 2016. Impressive gainer, watching over 10
SVBI: Long term hold, very minor risk, small but consistent gains made.
TRXC(+325% past year):Has been explosive since early feb. Pulling back, watching for signs of a reversal.
XENE(+350% past year): Excellent stock over the past year. Low volume, but continues marching north. Pulled back, excellent time to load
SHSP(+311% past year): Extremely low volume stock, that’s quietly surged most of the last year. Watch over 14.50, for the climb to continue
Stocks with goo set ups:
GERN(Rebound Potential)
CASM(Needs to break several Resistance points)
MOC(Low volume stock that needs to break 3.25 to be a factor)
OIIM(Watching over 2.70)
ATRS(Watching over 3.90)
GTIM(5.15 resistance)
PACB(Pressing against Resistance, watching for a strong climb)
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