June 15, 2020

June 10th Watchlist

ABIL: Solid climb today, surged heading into close. Watching tomorrow for a continuation

TOCA: Steady gainer today, closing above 5.00. Looking for it to begin a recovery back to its pre fall price, after recieving a Buy from CITI.

VERI: Consistent gain today, maintaining its month long uptrend, gaining 60%+ over that time. Pressing against a 10.00 wall, if it breaks, expecting a contination

HYGS: Has gained 55% over the past month. One of the largest gainers since the new year, 15.00 pt in place

PRVB: Has gained an average of 25% per month over the last 3 months, recently recovered fully from a pullback and is pushing higher. Expecting it to reach 5.00 short term

VERU:Has had a great climb over the last month, gaining 47% over the past month. Looking for it to surpass 2.00 before continuing north

FSI: Continues to set a new high near daily, has doubled it’s share price in the last 3 months. A gem quietly climbing, 5.00 pt in place

WSM: Surged in AH, after announcing profit view improves. Watching in PM

OBLN,BCRX,ONVO: Gainers on watch for continatuations

JILL,DEST,INS: Rebound Candidates
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