May 8, 2018

Apps To Consider Downloading

The market is complicated to both understand and to get the upper hand over other investors. The well known stat is 90% of traders lose money, a massive amount considering how many people are involved with the stock market. But there are apps out there to give yourself an edge and aid you. Here are a list of apps that I use to monitor and conquer the market:

Webull: One of the best stock based apps out there, Webull has many great uses. From real-time Gainers and Losers to an excellent alert system, to a small fee to pay for level 2, allowing you to see both the stocks being bought and accurate pm and ah prices, Webull is a must to aid you in tracking the stock market

Stock Screener: A powerful app, containing a large amount of options to screen the market. Get full lists of every stock within a price range of your choosing, or cross-reference that with Mac, RSI and other options to find the stocks that interest you. An excellent app.

Stock Tracker: Though you can do most of what this app does will Webull, this app has a unique feature that makes it useful. It allows you to select a time frame to see how stocks performed in that previous time frame, whether it’s in the last hour or the last 5 minutes, this app is very useful for identifying beginning Uptrends and capitalizing on them

StockTwits: Though many of you found us using stocktwits, those who found us in other ways should consider this app. It allows you to interact with millions of other traders. This is useful only to get a feel of a stock or get sudden news or upcoming catalysts that you wouldn’t have been able to notice on your own. A great app to have.

Stock Trainer: For new investors, this Is an invaluable app, for it allows you to trade tens of thousands of virtual fake money, and see how your picks and trades would have gone , had you used money. Most traders pay to get an education, or they quickly jump into the market, and still pay for the education, through their loses. This app helps you understand the market more, and become more accurate with your trades, before fully joining the market.

These are the apps that we use. While there are other useful apps, these are the ones found to be the most helpful and filled with the most features. All of them are free, so consider Downloading them to assist you in being successful with conquering the stock market

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