April 14, 2019

April 15th Watchlist


AUG(+90% past 3m): Has had a beautiful chart over the past 3 months, gaining an average of 30% per month recently. Plenty of dips and climbs, expecting it to reach 2.00, watching for its movements after

CIDM(+145% past 3m): Strong climb recently, reversing from a long term downtrend. Has fully erased a recent pullback, testing its 2.00 resistance again, if broken, its uptrend will continue

SCYX(+148% past 3m): Interesting chart in recent months, with plenty of falls and spikes. Approaching its 52 week high of 2.15, watching for it to reach it shortly

VRML(+108% past 3m): Soared in the beginning of March, before pulling back. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, looking for a strong push past 1.50 for this to remain a buy


CFMS(+388% past 3m): Tremendous run recently. Pulled back in the beginning of April, watching for it to hold over 2.00 before rebounding


APPS(89% past year): A slow long term gainer currently pulling back, Fully expecting a climb over 4.00 in the near future

TAIT(+121% past year): Has a very nice chart over the past few years, currently at its highest point over the last 5 years. Very low volume stock but continues to quietly climb


INFU(+74% past year): Steady gainer over the past year, reversing from a long term downtrend. Strong resistance at 5.00, once broken, expecting the climb to continue

NM(+97% past month): Has had a tremendous month, surging since late March. Climbed 40% last week alone, expecting continued move north

MCHX,TEUM: Stocks on watch to become a swing possibility

CPRX: Has climbed over 100% over the last 3m, before growing stagnant in recent weeks. Strong resistance at 5.60, watching for a climb over that mark shortly

CVM(+216% past year): Stock has continued its rebound from a large collapse nearly a year ago. Currently pulling back after a strong surge recently, needs to hold over 5.00 before reversing

ENPH(+76% past 3m): Has had an excellent chart over the past year, perfect for swinging. Has encountered our $10 pt and its resistance, watching for it to surpass it soon

FLNT(+126% past year): Beautiful uptrend over the last half a year, surpassing several key resistance points. Room left to climb 7.50 pt in place.

GLDD(+106% past year): Beautiful chart and climb that its had over the past 2 years. Testing 10, if broken, will continue north, as the company is performing well

NEW(+79% past 3m): Decent gainer recently, testing 10 currently, looking for it to surpass it this week, plenty of room for this recovery to continue

SRAX(+121% past month): Consistent gainer recently, experiencing a sharp reversal after positive news. Testing its 5.75 resistance point, if broken, 7.00+ is next

WRTC(+129% Past 3m): Steady and consistent gainer, looks to have a very bright future. Low volume historically, 10.00 long term pt. in place

ZYNE(+76% past month): Has had plenty of spikes and dips, maintaining a general direction of north. Currently at its resistance, watching for a break of 9.00 shortly

TAC: Stock on watch to become a swing possibility


CODA(+135% past 3m): Excellent climb recently, including gaining 250%+ over the past year, CODA is setting new highs nearly every day. 15.00 first pt. in place

LSCC(+136% past year): Set a new high this past week. Strong company model with a solid future. Watch for a break of 13.50 for this to run further

DBD(+215% past 3m): We’ve continued to sing this stocks praises since it was under 8.00, has been a huge reversal at the beginning of the year that it’s maintained. 13.50 pt remains intact but expecting it to surpass it

ABR: Slow moving but steadily climbing stock. Nothing special about it except for its consistency. Great buy and hold option

GLUU(+196% past year): One of the better buy and hold options for the future as the company continues to head north. Our Long term 15.00 pt. remains in place

FLDM(+124% Past year): A beautiful uptrend for this stock was halted at the beginning of the month. Watching for a climb over 14.50 for it to continue its rise

SNAP: Stock on watch to become a swing possibility
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