April 18, 2021

April 19th Watchlist

CGA: Had a great Friday, setting a new 52 week high, maintaining its recent run, and closing out the week up nearly 75%. Has great momentum, looking for 15.00 early this week if its volume holds

RFP: Had a strong push on Friday, climbing over 15.00 briefly and setting a new 52 week high. Has climbed more than 45% over the past month, expecting another surge over 15.00 and beyond this week

CLIR: Ended the week on a high note, rebounding nicely from its recent pullback and pushing back over 5.00. Watching for a continuation north

BTN: Was an excellent stock last week, climbing more than 65% and setting a new 52 week high on Friday. Within sight of 5.00, on the radar for that mark to be tested early this week

SEMR: Has maintained a very consistent daily climb, including adding nearly 40% last week. Watching for 20.00 to be reached in the near future

STON: Soared on Friday, spiking over 2.00 and closing with most of its gains intact. Watching on Monday for its momentum to potentially carry it higher

BTX: Performed very well to close out the week, running as far as to briefly test 9.00 before pulling back. Looking for a second run to take place early this week

NVAX: Had a great week, punctuated by a good Uptrend on Friday. Has solid recent momentum and shows signs of continuing its recovery, watching closely

CVAC: Amassed 25% last week with a relatively steady climb, pushing back over 100.00 and beginning a strong recovery attempt. Would like to see this recent move continue into this week

INMB: Had a great Friday, taking off midday and continuing its push north all the way into close. Has been having a steady decline for months, watching for this to potentially jumpstart a short term rebound

PLBY: Climbed nearly 50% last week and 170% over the past month, with a great chart over that time. Had a decent pullback on Friday, on the radar for a rebound back over 40.00 early this week

CIX: A very low volume stock that’s quietly gained 60% over the past week, moving under the radar during that time. Set a new 52 week high last week, fully expecting a continuation north

NOTV: A low volume, long-term uptrending stock that’s amassed 438% over the past year with a great chart over that time, taking off in recent months. Set a new 52 week high last week, 25.00+ expecting shortly

CHRA: Has been a great runner recently, putting up 57.50% over the past month, adding to its more than 250% gained over the past year, with a great chart over that time. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, fully expecting to see it maintain its climb north

LXU: Has gained nearly 275% over the past year with a steady Uptrend over that time. Continues to push higher, setting a new 52 week high to end last week, 7.50+ pt in place

ORGO: A long-term gainer that’s put up a massive 600% over the past year, with most of that coming since the start of November. Would like to see another attempt to surpass and hold over its current resistance of 23.00 this week

LPX: Has a beautiful chart over the past year, steadily climbing its way to 300% gained over that time, including 75% over the past 3m. Fully expecting a long-term continuation of its positive move.

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