April 19, 2021

April 20th Watchlist


CGA: Had another steady climb throughout the day, continuing last week’s positive move and bringing its past week gains to more than 110%. Had great momentum, would like to see another climb over 17.50 shortly

RFP: Set another new 52 week high, maintaining its long-term Uptrend that’s seen it amass nearly 900% over the past year with an excellent chart, including 31% over the past week. Expecting a continuation

AMBO: Spiked hard early morning, soaring over 3.00 briefly before pulling back, with massive volume, after announcing an expanded partnership with Amazon. Watching for a second run to take place if volume holds

CMMB: Performed very well today, flying over 45.00 by midday before pulling back for the second half of the day. On the radar for another spike early morning

OBLN: Soared throughout after-hour, closing strong. Potential for a continued climb to take place in Premarket/early morning, watching

BBQ: Had an excellent day, rebounding nicely from last week’s pullback and settling back at its previous resistance. A very low volume stock, it had several times its average volume today, looking for it to surpass 14.00

XXII: Remained stagnant throughout most of the day before spiking in the final hour of the market, and continuing its run in AH, closing just shy of 4.00. Needs a repeat of today’s volume to push it past that resistance and continue north

GALT: Maintained a steady climb throughout the day, closing at its HOD, with more than 5x its average volume. 3.00 in sight, looking for that mark to be reached and surpassed shortly

MOXC: Took off early morning and continued its run through the day, holding its gains into close. Needs to surpass 5.00 with volume to continue its Uptrend

RCON: Had a great rebound early morning, maintaining an excellent surge throughout the day, climbing back over 8.00. Would like to see 8.50 tested in the near future for its momentum to continue north

RAIL: Had a beautiful Uptrend through the day, and into after-hours, nearly reaching 6.00. Potential for today’s move to jumpstart a recovery after its extended downtrend, on the radar

CRCT: Had a great run today, continuing throughout and closing on a high note. Watching for its momentum to carry it to and potentially over 25.00 shortly

FUTU: Had a large gain today immediately taking off early morning and continuing its run into close, before having a minor pullback in AH. Looking in PM and early morning for signs of its the direction

TRCH: Performed well today, maintaining a much-needed Uptrend throughout the day after an extended downtrend that it’s had since its mid-Feb. spike. Needs another run shortly and a climb over 2.00 to trigger a recovery, watching this week

RXDX: Had a solid climb today, maintaining its recent Uptrend that’s seen it steadily climb its way to nearly 50% gained over the past week. 30.00 approaching, potential to reach that mark early this week
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