April 21, 2021

April 22nd Watchlist

PLBY: Had an excellent day, setting a new 52 week high, and continuing it’s run in AH, gooing as high as 48.00+ before pulling back. Had amassed nearly 150% over the past month, watching for a continuation of it’s momentum

GBOX: Took off early morning and held it’s gains throughout the day, negotiating 10.00. Held it’s gains heading into close, looking for it to surpass 10.00 shortly

SKLZ: Had an excellent run today with massive volume, and closed strong, rebounding after a long term downtrend. Would like to see it’s recovery continue back to 20.00 in the short term

INTT: Started the day off well, climbing early in PM and Continuing throughout the day, briefly surpassing 12.00 before pulling back heading into close. Put up more then 10x it’s average volume, on the radar for a second run

MOGO: Soared during the first part of the day, before growing stagnant as it tested 8.00. Put up nearly 2x it’s average volume, needs another surge of volume to push it past that 8.00 wall.

RFP: Had a strong rebound after it’s recent pullback. An excellent long term gainer, it’s put up 900% over the past year. Would like to see it’s Uptrend continue.

SESN: Had a strong rebound today after it’s extended downtrend. Needs more volume to continue it’s recovery back to 3.00+

VUZI: Has been a massive gainer since mid December, soaring over that time. Would like to see more volume come in for it’s reversal to continue back to its 30.00 previous resistance

SEEL: Has gained more then 1000% over the past year, including more then 200% over the past 3m. Potential for 6.00+ if ite momentum holds

GALT: Has great recent momentum, gaining 25% over the past month. Testing 3.00, on watch for that mark to be broken through shortly

RXDX,SB,BNTX, PLG,TDC,FSR: Other stocks on watch
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