April 25, 2021

April 26th Watchlist

XXII: Had a great week, including a strong run on Friday, climbing over 5.00 and setting a new 52 week high. Has excellent momentum, looking for a continuation north

BGI: Performed very well Friday, soaring throughout the day and continuing into after hours, briefly spiking over 3.00 before pulling back. Watching for it to continue its run

GTBP: Took off midday on Friday, maintaining its uptrend into close. Has amassed 72% over the past month, would like to see it reach its 13.09 52 week high this week

GSM: Spiked early Friday, nearly setting a new 52 week high, before a minor pullback. Closed easily above 4.00, expecting its 52 week high to be tested early this week

TIGR: Had a strong run on Friday, rebounding from its recent minor pullback, settling above 20.00. Needs a surge of volume to carry it higher

TYHT: Soared throughout the week, setting a 52 week high near-daily, gaining more than 60%, adding to its near 100% gained over the past month. Watching for it to push higher this week

TIPT: Soared on Friday, erasing the pullback from the day before, and setting a new 52 week high. Has nearly doubled in share value over the past month. Looking for its momentum continue north

INTT: Steady climbed last week, bouncing back from a sharp pullback from the week before. Has amassed 350% over the past year with a beautiful chart, watching for 15.00+ in the near future

BBQ: Bounced back last week from its previous pullback, bringing its past week gains to over 100%. Would like to see 15.00+ and a new 52 week high in the near future

LXU: A long-term gainer that’s added more than 300% over the past week, despite its relatively low volume. Expecting it to reach and surpass its 52 week high this week

BTN: Had a solid run to end last week, pushing above 5.00 and setting a new 52 week high. Up more than 80% over the past month and more than 150% over the past 3m, expecting it to continue its climb

PLBY: Had another strong week, adding to its 173% gained over the past month with a great chart over that time. 50.00 insight, has the momentum to reach that price this week

MVIS: Rebounded nicely last week from its recent pullback, adding more than 60%, punctuated by its large run on Friday, spiking as high as 19.00+ before pulling back. 20.00+ pt in place

UXIN: Ran hard in the final moments of Friday, closing very well, before sliding some in AH. Potential for another run tomorrow

SWIM: Flew on Friday, consistently climbing, and maintaining its run into close. Approaching 30.00, on watch for it to reach that early this week

BTX: Had an excellent week that finished on a very high note. Doubled in share value last week, on the radar for its momentum to carry it to 20.00 this week

OCGN: Ran hard on Friday, before pulling back to end the day, then rebounding nicely in AH. Announced this weekend that its vaccine shows effectiveness against India’s second wave, watching closely tomorrow
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