April 2, 2020

April 2nd Watchlist

ATHX: Has maintained it’s uptrend throughout the recent poor market, gaining 137% over the past week and 231% over the past month. Surpassed 4.00 in after-hours, looking for a continuation

APT: Has more then doubled over the past week. Performed well today with a steady gain, expecting it to reach 20+ in the future

AMRN: A steady gainer today, continuing it’s climb in after-hours. Fell due to losing a patent decision early this week, before a potential reversal of the decision leaked today. Watching for the next few days to see where the stock heads

IO: Soared in afterhours after announcing 50+ million in revenues, it’s highest 1st Q earnings since 2014. Watching tomorrow for a continuation

DYNT: Had a steady climb throughout the day which continued into afterhours. Looking for 1.50+ in the near future

NBY: A small cap stock that had a strong and steady climb today, a move which continued in afterhours. Approaching 1.00, potential to reach it tomorrow

HEBT: Has gained over 700% over the past year, continues it’s climb throughout the market downtrend. An absolutely safe stock to ride out the market concerns, with a potential to fly once the market heals

IFRX,DFFN,NURO: Gainers on watch for continuations

VVUS,SGBX,CCL: Rebound Candidates
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