April 4, 2021

April 5th Watchlist

UXIN: News of Entry into a binding term sheet with potential investors sent the stock running throughout Thursday, closing at 2.00, and setting a new 52 week high. Has momentum, looking for a continuation this week

ACY: Led all gainers on Friday, spiking as high as 15.00+ before pulling back hard heading towards close. Potential for an early morning spike on Monday, watching

AMTI: Had a great Thursday, soaring throughout the day as it rebounds from its recent pullback. Closed near its HOD, on the radar for it to continue its recovery back to 70.00 this week

CHPT: Performed very well throughout the week, gaining more than 50% and ending on a high note. Surpassed 30.00 in AH, watching for it to hold over that mark and resume its recovery this week

PFMT: Had a strong week, amassing nearly 50% and setting a new 52 week high. Has momentum and a predictable chart that’s led it to gain more than 150% over the past 3m, looking for 2.50+ in the coming days

IVAC: Had a great second half of last week, closing out the week on 2 great runs, bringing it to within a few cents of its 52 week high. Put up nearly 50% last week, watching for a continuation this week

SSNT: Had a solid week, adding to its nearly 200% gained over the past 3m. Has excellent momentum, and is fast approaching 10.00, would like to see that mark reached this week

SEEL: A long-term gainer that performed well last week, closing over 5.00, and bringing its past 3m gains to 220%. Has absolutely flown since early Dec, looking for a continuation

ZKIN: A previously excellent gainer that’s struggled recently, suffering several pullbacks. Has brought itself back to testing 10.00 to close out the week, potential for a continued recovery this week

TTI: Had a great end to last week, steadily climbing throughout the day and closing strong. Approaching a new 52 week high, needs to pass 3.00 this week for that to take place

MOGO: Rebounded nicely from its recent pullback, bringing it back to negotiating 10.00. On the radar, for it to maintain its push north and back to its previous 52 week high

AMTX: An excellent long-term gainer that’s amassed 166% over the past month and nearly 1000% over the past 3m with an excellent chart over that time. 30.00 pt in place for the near future

MOXC: Had a fantastic week, putting up nearly 75% with a great chart over that time, adding to its more than 160% gained over the past month. Continues to set new 52 week highs near-daily, expecting a continuation this week

XXII: Has maintained a beautiful recovery since its triple bottom off 2.15 in early March. Has room left to recover, expecting a continuation over 4.00

BW: Had an excellent past week, consistently climbing over that time and bringing it within striking distance of surpassing 10.00. Has amassed over 175% over the past 3m, adding to its massive 850% gained over the past year. Expecting a push over 10.00

BGFV: Had a decent climb last week, continuing its long-term climb and its past year gains to 1440%. 20.00 pt in place long term

ORGO: Ended last week on a high note, rebounding from a recent pullback and bringing it back to within striking distance of 20.00. Has gained 163% over th past 3m with a great chart over that time, on the radar for another attempt to climb and hold over 20.00

RAIL: Had a great week, adding 44%, bringing its past month gains to nearly 100%. Set a new 52 week high last week, watching for another test of 7.00 this week

CAN: Had a good rebound last week, including a run over 24.00 on Thursday before pulling back. Watching for it to continue it’s recovery back to 25.00+ this week
Happy Easter!
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