April 8, 2021

April 9th Watchlist

NCTY: Had a strong run today, rebounding after an extended downtrend. Watching for it to ride its recent momentum north, needs to surpass 30.00 to continue

NM: Maintained its recent uptrend today, bringing its past week gains to 25%. A previously excellent long term gainer, on the radar for a continuation of its recovery

MOGO: Announced partnership with Lending bank club, leading to it having a solid surge in the second half of the day, sending it back over 10.00. Watching for a continuation to 11.50 for it to complete its cup and handle pattern

CELC: Had a large run in AH after announcing a licensing agreement with Pfizer up to $340 mil for breast cancer treatment. Watching tomorrow morning

GURE: Had a great after-hours, steadily climbing after reporting Net Rev of $11.8 mil. Would like to see its momentum continue into tomorrows PM

CMMB: Led the market today after a massive pump and dump took place. No news was announced, on watch for a second-morning run to take place

CMBM: Maintained its recent uptrend, with today’s climb bringing it to 40% gained over the past week and nearly 1000% over the past year.

BIOL: Spiked early morning, and maintained its gains throughout the day, finishing at 1.00. Watching closely tomorrow for it to hold over 1.00 and continue north

RSVA: Had a strong climb throughout the day, closing strong the day. 20.00 in sight, looking for that mark to be reached shortly

EARS: Spiked early morning before pulling back. Rebounded afterward, steadily climbing, surpassing 4.00 in after-hours. Would like to see a continuation take place

GNPX: Had a strong rebound, maintaining a steady climb throughout the day, closing just shy of 5.00. On the radar, for it to surpass that mark and continue its recovery

BIOX: A low volume stock that’s consistently climbed recently, with today’s run adding another 36% over the past week and 86% over the past month. Has had excellent momentum recently, watching for 15.00 to be reached shortly

YTRA: Performed well throughout the day, Uptrending the entire day and closing next to its HOD. 3.00 in sight, on watch for that mark to be reached and surpassed shortly

GROW: Has been an excellent long-term gainer, with its recent uptrend adding 60% to its more than 900% gains over the past year. Surged to a new 52 week high in Afterhours, looking for a continuation

IZEA: Had a modest run today, adding to its more than 30% gained over the past week. Has great momentum, watching for it to continue back to its previous 52 week high of 7.00+

FBIO: Had a steady climb today that continued in AH, surpassing 5.00. Has amassed 45% over the past week, needs to hold over 5.00, and maintain its recent surge of volume to continue north to a new 52 week high.
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