March 31, 2019

April Uptrending stocks Watchlist


ANFI(+300% past 3m): Small-cap stock with explosive growth in recent months. Long term decline, but looking for the climb to reach 2.00 briefly

CIDM(+251% past 23m): Steady gainer recently, has resistance at 2.00, stay vigilant for it to break it and continue north


CFMS(+685% past 3m): Beautiful chart and uptrend over the past several months, has been absolutely flying. 3.00 resistance, looking for it to climb over that.

PED(+247% past 3m): Very nice chart recently, made perfect for swinging with plenty of dips during this climb. Needs to pass 3.00, on watch for it to do so this week

TAIT(+152% past 5 years): A slow climber, with plenty of pullbacks, but has been a great long term option in recent years. Expecting that to continue past 3.00

APPS(+87% past 3m): Resistance at 3.77, has been a great long term hold over a year+. 4.25 pt remains intact


AEZS(+228% past year): Has had a somewhat inconsistent chart, but has continued heading north despite that flaw in its gains. Needs to pass 5 in the coming days.

TEUM(+179% past 3m): Holding well around 4.50, look for another surge past 5.00 to continue its very nice recovery


BDSI(+135% past year): Has had a great chart over the past year after several years of a downtrend. Expecting the steady climb to continue long term

CPRX(+156% past 3m): Over recent months its soared, needs to surpass 5.30 to continue north in the coming days

ENPH(+89% past 3m): Strong resistance right before 10.00. Look for a break over it for its impressive recovery to continu

RUBI(+247% past year): Currently has a beautiful chart over the past few months, adding to its impressive yearly gain. Huge resistance at 7.00, if broken, 8.50 pt. in place

TGTX(+103% past 3m): Decent uptrend recently, as it recovers from a large pullback in August of last year. 10.00 pt. in place

WRTC(+119% past 3m): Surging since its initial pullback, the sky looks to be the limit, very interesting prospect


JYNT(+84% past 3m): Has been a huge gainer, accumulating nearly 300% gained over the last 2 years time. 20$ pt. remains intact to be reached in the coming weeks

DBD(+334% past 3m): Has maintained an excellent climb over the last few weeks, as it continues its reversal. Still in great shape to reach our 13.50 pt. in the near future

XBIT(+120% past 3m): Has been a strong climber since last September, gaining roughly 350% since that time. Its rebound has climbed over several key resistance points, expecting the trend to continue

SNAP(+91% past 3m): Currently gaining an average of 30% per month over the past few months, as it reverses. 13.50 pt. in place

GLUU(+190% past year): Beautiful one year chart, with plenty of dips and spikes, perfect for swinging. As the stock haas safely passed 10.00, look for the uptrend to continue

FLDM(+151% past year): Surged for most of the previous year time before suffering a small pullback as it reached 15.00. Looking for another attempt to pass it in the coming days

FBP(+91% past year): Maintained its uptrend since our original call over half a year ago. Not a massive gainer, but a consistent one, with solid gains taking place

AXSM(+546% past 3m): Has had explosive growth in recent months after various positive news being released. Looking for it to cross over 15.00 for the uptrend to continue

EVRI(+112% past 3m):Has maintained a steady climb in recent months, resulting it in reaching 52 week and all-time highs. If it holds over 10.00, expect the surge to continue.

OSIR(+131% past year): Beautiful chart Over the past year, recovering from a Large fall several years ago. Expecting it to continue filling the gap back to 22.50 if it has the strength to surpass 20.

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