August 11, 2020

August 11th Watchlist

CLSK: An excellent long term gainer, that had another big day. Currently up 70% over the past week and more then 200% over the past month. Expecting a continued climb to 15.00 in the future

SRNE: Steadily climbed yesterday, as it continues to soar, nearly a reaching 20.00 before falling back. Expecting another attempt in the near future to test and eventually surpass 20.00 and continue north

PEIX: Has ran 80% over the past week and a whopping 340% over the past month. Expected to be a long term gainer, 4.00 remains our first pt, expected to be reached shortly

LITB: Had another big climb yesterday, bringing it’s past week gains to 100%, as more and more rush into the stock. Remains a relatively low volume stock, expecting that to change shortly as more hype arrives to the stock

KIRK: Performed well again yesterday, bringing it’s month gains to 154% and it’s 3m gains to over 800%. Has a beautiful chart over that time, it’s 10.00 pt remains intact

AMTX: Another climb yesterday brought it’s past week gains to 84% and it’s one more gains to 170%. Remains a low volume stock despite it’s low share price, plenty of room left to climb.

LEAF: Gained 42% over the past month and 233% over the past 3m. Approaching it’s 52 week high again, if it surpasses 5.50 with volume, expecting a continued long term climb

GLG: An excellent long term hold that’s quietly nearly put up 1000% over the past year. Has a near daily climb currently, expecting that trend to continue

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