August 23, 2020

August 24th Watchlist

JAN: Performed very well last week, accumulating 56% with a near daily climb. Closed out the week on a high note, looking for it to build on last week’s momentum to test 8.00+ again in the near future

KIRK: Gained 63% last week, 216% over the past month and over 1000% over the past 3m. Has incredible momentum, on watch for it’s uptrend to continue, 15.00 pt in place

CRDF: Continues to perform very well recently, gaining nearly 70% over the past month and over 250% over the past 3m. Put up another 35% last week, setting another new 52 week high, expecting 8.00+ shortly

AEYE: Had an excellent week, steadily climbing and closing out the week on a high note. On watch for it’s surge to continue north.

LTRN: A low volume stock that had a great week, gaining more then 50% and closing out the week well. Expecting it’s upward movement to continue, looking for 20.00 potentially this week.

PTGX: Had a small but very consistent daily gain last week, pushing it past 20.00 on Friday. Looking for a continued climb

HARP: Was one of the largest gainers on Friday, a move that continued in after-hours. Watching for a continuation of Fridays move

CATB: Had a consistent run on Friday, setting a new 52 week high. On watch for it to retest and potentially surpass 8.00 early this week.

FLGT: Has gained over 150% over the past 3m, a great feat considering the larger size of the stock price. Briefly climbed over 50.00 on Friday, looking for it to surpass that mark and continue to climb this week

APPS: Has more then doubled in share value over the past month and gained nearly 400% over the past 3m. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, look for it to surpass 30.00 early this week

BPTH: Had a strong climb on Friday, holding it’s gains heading into close and in after-hours. Watching for it to hold over 5.00 early on before continuing it’s uptrend

CLSK: Has been an excellent stock in recent months, gaining nearly 200% over the past month and nearly 500% over the past 3m. Reached as high as 14.00 last week before pulling back, on watch for it to retest that price point soon.

SUMR: Has been one of the best stocks over the past year, gaining more then 3300%. Expecting a return to 20.00 in the near future.

TRIL: Has been an excellent stock, gaining more then 3500% over the past year, bringing it from a penny stock to over 10.00 over that time. Expecting it to continue in the upcoming days and weeks.
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