August 30, 2020

August 31st Watchlist

EVGN: Gained 35% last week, bringing it’s past month gains to over 70%. Briefly surpassed 2.00 on Friday, setting a new 52 week high, looking for it to surpass that mark again early this week

PRTY:One of the better gainers under 3.00, putting up 44% over the past week, nearly 100% over the past month and 192% over the past 3m. Has a beautiful chart over that time, looking for a strong break past 3.00

AUTO: Has gained 900% over the past year, 350% over the past 3m and 235% over the past month. Aided by it’s 66% gained last week, looking for it to continue it’s momentum back to its resistance of 5.00

PEIX: A previous monster gainer that’s currently recovering from a pullback. Expecting it to return back to its 5.00 resistance in the short term.

CYCN: Put up a modest 11% last week, bringing it’s past month gains to over 80%, as it continues to run. 7.00+ expected this week

JAN: Has more then doubled over the past month, with great momentum over that time. Watching for a break of 8.00 and a continuation of it’s surge,

OESX: Has surged 44% over the past month, and continues climbing north. Set a new 52 week high last week, expecting a continued uptrend this week

REKR: Gained nearly 50% last week, bringing it’s past month gains to 77%. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, looking for it to retest 7.00 and pass that mark early this week

RNET: Gained 378% over the past 3m, and 29% over the past week, Including 20% on Friday. Has excellent momentum, looking for 6.00+ this week

VVPR: One of the best gainers on the market currently,VVPR has gained 243% last week, 329% over the past month and 733% over the past 3m. Soaring currently and racing towards 10.00. Expecting that mark to be reached soon

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