August 3, 2020

August 3rd Watchlist

ZN: Received approval on a drilling contract on Friday, which cause a massive premarket spike that fizzled throughout the day. Expecting a rebound in the very near future, watching

DRIO: Announced a $28 million private placement on Friday, resulting in an over 50% run. Easily set a new 52 week high on Friday, looking for it to return to that price point this week

UUU: Has gained 154% over the past month, aided by another 21% gain on Friday. Expecting a run to 3.00 to take place this week, on watch

FLDM: Has gained more then 200% over the past 3m, including 20% on Friday after being selected for a $37 million project under the national institute of health. Has gained a small amount in Premarket, looking for that move to continue at open

DTSS: Signs it’s first agreement in Beijing, to install it’s monitoring system. Shares are skyrocketing in Premarket, expecting this to be a all day gainer

NH: Began it’s recovery on Friday, rebounding from an extended pullback after many weeks of uptrending. Looking for that move to continue past 5.00 in the near future

LAZY: Has gained nearly 300% over the past 3m as it continues it’s steady climb north. Current resistance at 13.50, expecting that to be surpassed this week and for our 15.00 pt to be reached shortly

CRDF: Has returned yet again to its 4.80 resistance, where it’s struggled for multiple weeks to surpass. Watching closely, if it breaks, expecting the stock to fly
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