August 6, 2020

August 6th Watchlist

AVCT: Flying currently in Premarket, after announcing excellent news. Testing $14.00, looking for a continuation today of it’s impressive climb

UUU: Has been an excellent performer recently, more then doubling over the past week and gaining nearly 400% over the past month. Watching for it to test 4.00 again in the near future

APPS: Running hard in premarket after a earnings beat. Up more then 200% over the past 3m, if it holds over 20.00, expecting a continued climb.

APRO: Has gained 135% over the past. Recovering from a large pullback, and set up well to continue to 2.00. Expecting that to be reached in the near future

CELH: Has gained 40% over the past month, and 233% over the past 3m. Continues to set new 52 week highs, $20 pt in place, on the radar

LAZY: Up 324% over the past 3m. Steadily climbing, 15.00 pt approaching, needs to surpass 13.70 to continue it’s climb.

COHN: Continues it’s surge, has doubled in the past week, and gained nearly 200% over the past month. $30.00 expected to be reached again in the near future

AMTX: Doubled in the past month, surging over the past 2 weeks. Continued to have momentum, 2.00 pt in place
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