August 9, 2020

August 9th Watchlist

OCN: Gained 37% last week, and 154% over the past month. Rebounding quickly from it’s February-April fall, looking for 2.00 in the near future

GLG: Up a monsterous 910% over the past year. Had a solid climb last week, with r,esistance at 3.50, looking for a strong surge past that mark and for it to continue north.

YCBD: Gained nearly 300% over the past 3m. Consistently climbing over that time with an excellent chart. Expecting it’s surge to continue, looking for 4.00+ this week

LITB: Doubled in share value last week, climbing nearly every day and closing out the week on a strong note. Had a bit of a pullback in after-hours, looking for it to test and surpass 3.00 next week.

BGFV: One of the best gainers over the past few months, accumulating 300% over the past month and nearly 600% over the past 3m. Continues setting 52 week highs, looking for it’s momentum to carry it to 10.00

CLSK: Put up 30% gained last week, bringing it’s 1m gains to over 200%. Performed well on Friday, would like to see it test and surpass 10.00 early this week and continue it’s run north

SUMR: One of the best gainers on the market over the past year, gaining more then 3000% over that time. Put up another 31% over the past week and nearly 300% over the past 3m. Looking for 15.00 this week

TRVN: Ran in Fridays after-hours after receiving FDA approval for their opioid OLINVYK for intravenous use in hospitals. Closed after-hours on a high note, looking for a continuation tomorrow

ADMS: Performed very well on Friday after EPS and Revenue beat. Tested 4.00, looking for a surge past that mark

TRUE: Has taken off over the past 2 weeks, nearly doubling over that time. Looking for it to return to 6.00+ early this week

EDUC: Up 63% over the past month, and more then 200% over the past 3m. Currently at it’s all time high, a 20.00 pt is in place.

PEIX: Up 263% over the past month. And over 600% over the past 3m. Pullback after testing 3.00, looking for another attempt to surpass that mark for it to continue it’s climb

KIRK: Up 150% over the past month and 664% over the past 3m. Has strong resistance at 6.30, once it’s surpassed with it’s volume, 7.00+ on watch.

CLSK: Up 206% over the last month and nearly 350% over the past 3m. Currently soaring, watching for it to continue past 10.00 soon. If it surpasses it with volume and momentum, expecting a continued surge.

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