August 4, 2019

August Uptrending Stocks


DRRX(+71% past month): Has been a strong performer in recent months, reversing from a long term downtrend. Has climbed and held over 1.00, needs to surpass 1.25 for it to continue its move north


ACST(+192% past 3m): Has been an excellent gainer until recently, running into a 3.00 wall. Looking for another test of 3.00 this week, looks primed to retest its resistance

HEBT(+137% past 3m): Has been a strong swing trade candidate, pushing higher with every spike and dip. Surpassed 2.00, currently trying to hold over that point. 2.25 resistance, watching


JCS(+29% past month): Small but steady grower since the new year, nearly doubling since that time. Low volumed stock traditionally. Looking for a climb past 4.00 for its uptrend to be maintained

OESX(+209% past year): Had an explosive reversal at the beginning of the new year, has gained 500%+ since that time on relatively low volume. Current resistance at 3.25, looking for a strong climb past that mark for it to continue it’s an uptrend


ATLC(+170% past year): An extremely low average volume stock that has quietly crept north for quite a while. Currently struggling with a 5.00 wall for over a week, if it breaks it, expect a continuation to 6.50+

AVP(+153% past year): Another stock positively affected by the new year, causing a strong surge that has resulted in roughly a 200% climb since Dec. 5.50 next pt in place

REFR(+317% past year): A great stock over the past year, tripling in share value over that time. Approaching our 5.00 pt set several months ago, it looks primed to reach that mark in the next month or so

REKR(+521% past 3m): Has Had a huge uptrend since the beginning of June, from under 1.00 to 5.30. Hit a resistance at 5.30, looking for another attempt to test 5.00 in the upcoming days and weeks, the stock appears to still have strength

WKHS(+354% past 3m): Has had a strong uptrend over the past 1/4 year, including 50% gained in the past month. Hit resistance last week, looking for another test of 5.00 in the upcoming days


APPS(+281% past year): Has had a beautiful uptrend since the beginning of 2016, maintaining a climb since that time period. Remains one of the best long term stocks to buy into

ARQL(+664% past 5 years): Surged since the end of 2017, gaining over 600% over that time. Hit resistance recently, falling slightly. Needs to reclimb over 10.00 and retest it’s 52 weeks high before becoming a buy again

CVM(+742% past year): Has run ever since it’s large fall a year ago. Looking for it to retest 9.00 in the upcoming weeks. Overall a strong stock

EGO(+136% past 3m): Steady climber over the past few months. Has a chart perfect for swing trading. Expecting a climb to 10.00 in the upcoming days.

RUBI(+206% past year): Steady gainer. Up 60% over the past month. Surpassed 10.00, struggling to push past it’s current resistance. 14.00 pt. in place, to be reached before EOY. Promising Stock

SILV(+141% past year): Continues to set new all-time highs nearly every week. Has a very bright future, 7.50 pt in place within the next few months.

ZIOP(+162% past year): Has surged more than 300% since the new year. Expecting the run to continue to 10.00.


GSB(+300% past year): A beautiful chart over the last 6 months, surging steadily over that time. Expecting a long term continuation has the potential to go to 20.00 in the upcoming months

RDVT(+95% past 3m): Has gained an average of over 30% over the last 3m. Has run into a strong resistance point of 16.00. If broken, expect a climb to 20.00 to take place

PAYS(+282% past year): A huge gainer that has run into a large wall at 18.50. Needs to begin a reversal to make it’s way back to it’s resistance point. Watching next week

RCM(+401% past 5 years): Has been a consistent gainer over the last 2 and a half years, continuously pushing higher. 15.00 long term pt in place

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