August 18, 2020

August18th Watchlist

LAZY: Continues it’s steady daily uptrend. With it surpassing 15.00, expecting a slow climb to 20.00 to take place

PEIX: Had a steady gain yesterday, rebounding from a recent pullback, to bring it’s past month gains to nearly 500%. Expecting this to surpass 5.00 in the near future

AMTX: Rebounded hard yesterday after a recent pullback, testing 3 again, expecting it to surpass it and continue it’s way north. Currently up over 260% over the past month

MICT: Flew in early Premarket after receiving it’s first major order for Smart cam, a large bit of news for the stock. Expecting this to turn into a long term gainer once it settles, watching

KIRK: Has maintained an excellent uptrend, which continued yesterday with another strong climb. Up 131% over the past month and 1000% over the past 3m. 10.00 is expected in the near future

FORD: Uptrending in premarket after announcing yesterday that it has aquired Kablooe Design. A small cap stock, the news could send it flying higher today

LODE: Spiked early yesterday due to positive 2Q results, before fading throughout the day. Continuing that trend in Premarket, watching for a short term spike to take place

VVPR: Had another big day yesterday, bringing it’s 3m gains to 204%. Very near it’s 52 week high of 3.00, watching it to continue to that mark before EOW

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