December 9, 2020

December 10th Watchlist

RCON: Had a uneven day, bringing it’s past month gains to 120%, as it recovers from this year’s market damaging events. Looking for it to surge back over 2.00

CNET: Started off the day well before sliding throughout the rest of it, barely holding over 2.00. finished with still a near 40% gain and over 45x it’s average volume. Looking for it’s momentum to carry it higher

GLSI: Had a history run today, flying as high as 150.00 before pulling back, on news of upbeat data on breast cancer treatment. Watching for a secondary run to take place

ONCT: Had a big run early on before sliding throughout the day. Regardless, still finished with big gains, causing it to double in share value over the past week. Climbed over 7.00 today, on watch for a return to that price

AHT: Put up 3 times it’s average volume, as it climbs 27% in 2 days on Lincoln Park Pact. Approached 4.00 briefly, looking for it to reach that mark with it’s recent momentum

NTZ: Rebounding from a recent pullback after a massive run saw it gain more then 800% over the past 3m. Looking for it to return to 14.50 shortly

TRNE: Had a modest gain today, adding to its nearly 100% gained over the past weeks time. Set another new 52 week high today, looking for 30.00+

KBNT: Had a minor pullback today after running roughly 100% over the past week. Climbed well past 8.00 today before pulling back heading into close, watching for it to retest that price

CTRA: Had a steady run today, closing at it’s HOD and 52 week high. Has performed very well over the past weeks time, gaining 76% over that time. Looking for a continuation north

CDEV: Continued it’s consistent climb today, bringing it to 43% gained over the past week and a massive 174% over the past month, with a beautiful chart. 2.00 in sight, expecting it to reach that shortly

RAD: Had a solid day, briefly surpassing 20.00 at one point before pulling back. Has put up nearly 40% over the past week and 84% over the past month, with a strong chart. Looking for another attempt to test and surpass 20.00

BPT: A steady gainer, BPT has put up very strong gains recently, including nearly 150% over the past month. Holding nicely over 3.00, looking for it to push higher

NOG: Had another modest gain today bringing it’s past week gains to 33% and past month gains to 170%. Nearly tested 10.00 early morning, looking for it to reach that mark shortly
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