December 13, 2020

December 14th Watchlist

CDEV: Has had an extremely steady run in recent months, putting up 150% over the past month and more then 250% over the past 3m with an extremely consistent chart. Expecting 2.00+

XXII: One of the best gainers recently, gaining more then 50% over the past week and 200% over the past months time. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, while registering a large amount of volume, 3.50+ pt

BCRX: Performing very well, doubling in share value over the last month, and setting another new 52 week high on Friday. Has excellent momentum, expecting it’s run to continue to 10.00.

PLG:Has cimbed more then 80% last week, and 200% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, as a steady stream of news comes in, expecting it to maintain it’s momentum

SM: Had a solid week, gaining 36%, and bringing its past month gains to nearly 200%. Has a beautiful chart recently, 7.50 short term pt in place

SLDB: Had a big run on Friday on news of a 90 mil Private Placement, resulting in a huge amount of volume. 6.00 in sight, watching for it to reach that mark early this week

REPH: Had a very consistent climb throughout the entirety of Friday, including a strong close at 3.00. On watch for a Continuation

AMPE: Has maintained a great run since Mid November, nearly doubling in that time frame. Performed well again on Friday, 2.00 short term pt. In place

TRCH: A penny stock that’s been flying recently, gaining nearly 200% over the past month as it soars towards 1.00. Watching for that price to be reached this week.

CASI: Consistent gains on Friday, pushing it closer to 3.00 and it’s 52 week high of 3.32. Expecting 3.00 to be reached by mid-week, needs volume to surpass it.

HPK: Had a massive week despite it’s decently sized pullback on Friday, gaining more then 160% during the week. Looking for a rebound to take place to carry it back over 15.00.

CTRA: Gained 80% last week after several items of news was released. Started Friday off well before having a slight pullback, looking for a Continuation north to 15.00.

PERI: Gained 60% last week, including setting a new 52 week high on Friday. Expecting 14.00 to be tested again in the near future, watching

NTZ: A recently massive gainer, putting up roughly 900% over the past 3m, NTZ has seen a bit of a decline recently. Needs to hold over 12.00 to bounce back and resume it’s run, on the radar this week.

QEP: Up 131% over the past month on a very steady chart. Resistance at 2.50, set earlier this year, if it can surpass it with volume, Expecting 3.00+

NOG: Has more then doubled in share value over the past month due to several buy recommendations and news releases. Briefly climbed towards 10.00 on Friday before pulling back, watching for another attempt to test and surpass 10.00 early this week

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