December 14, 2020

December 15th Watchlist

SOL: Has a great Uptrend throughout most of the day before leveling out heading into close. Bouncing back nicely from last week’s pullback, 8.00 pt remains in place

VERU: Has had a tremendous run recently, Gaining a ridiculous 245% over the past week. After an excellent day, VERU continued it’s climb in after-hours with massive volume, watching tomorrow for a continuation

HPK: Maintained it’s run today, as it negotiating it’s difficult 15.00 resistance. Set up well to surpass that mark, needs a surge of volume to continue north.

LCTX: Had a modest gain today, which continued in after-hours. Has more then doubled in share value over the past 3m as it continues to set new 52 week highs. If it’s current volume, expecting it to surpass it’s 2.00 resistance in the near future

XXII: Started the day off great before declining throughout the day. Watching for a rebound tomorrow, expecting it to retest it’s 3.00 resistance shortly.

BCDA: Had an excellent and consistent climb throughout the day on massive volume, going as far as to test 7.00 before falling heading into close Has more then doubled in share value over the past month, looking for 5.00+ again.

ABUS: Took off mid day, surging more then 20% and testing 5.00 before close. If today’s large amount of volume continues tomorrow, expecting it to continue it’s push past 5.00.

EVLO: Spiked hard early morning, soaring over 11.50 before pulling back under 10.00. Has climbed more then 80% over the past week, watching for it’s momentum to carry it back over 10.00

CBIO: Had a great day, steadily climbing throughout and holding it’s gains heading into close, putting up roughly 4x its average volume over that time. Would like to see it’s uptrend continue to 8.00+

CALX: Had a great day, climbing throughout the day, and setting a new 52 week high. 30.00 looms ahead, needs to maintain its current volume to surpass that and Continue its climb.

MVIS: Maintained it’s recent climb today, bringing its past month gains to over 70%. Fast approaching its 52 week high of 3.45, expecting it to surpass it and continue to 4.00

PLG: An excellent gainer thats suffered a large pullback today. Closed near 5.00, looking to see if its pullback has finished before its expected recovery begins.

BDR: Climbed well throughout the day before absolutely flying in after-hours after avoiding being delisted. Has momentum, watching for a larger run to take place

LEU: Had another big day, carrying the stock over 20.00 and bringing its past month gains to over 100%, setting a new 52 week high. On the radar for a continuation if it holds over 20.00

TUSK: Has nearly doubled in share value over the past week, including setting a near daily 52 week high during that time. Negotiating 4.00, a spike in volume could send the stock to 4.75+

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