December 15, 2020

December 16th Watchlist

MVIS: Had a large climb today, climbing throughout the day and closing strong at a new 52 week high. Up 130% over the past month, looking for 5.00 in the near future

AMPE: Had a solid climb today, bouncing back from it’s recent pullback and bringing it’s past month gains to 90% and a few cents from it’s 52 week high. Watching for it to push higher

PLG: A small climb took place today as it rebounded from yesterday’s pullback. Has nearly 200% over the past month, has the momentum to continue it’s run

CCM: Led all gainers today with a massive spike heading into close. Pullback heavily in AH, on watch for a short term rebound to take place tomorrow

BCDA: Had massive volume today, leading to a large spike midday, climbing over 8.50 setting a new 52 week high, before pulling back. Has put up 172% over the past week, expecting a continued climb to take place

MCF: Steadily Uptrended throughout the entire day, holding it’s gains heading into close. Has accumulated 85% over the past month, expecting 3.00 in the near future

ELYS: Had a big day, continuing it’s recent trend which has seen it gain more then 150% over the past 3m. Closed at 4.00, expecting it to retest it’s 52 week high of 4.50 in the near future

MARA: Took off midday, surging all the way into market close, setting a new 52 week high, as it continues it’s surge. Has put up nearly 200% over the past month, would like to see 7.50+

SLDB: Had a strong climb today, setting a near year high after spiking to nearly 7.00. Up 65% over the past week, watching for another attempt at 7.00 in the near future

VVPR: Consistently uptrended throughout the day, closing at it’s HOD. Watching for this to be the start of a potential reversal after a large pullback recently.

VUZI: Performed well today, holding it’s gains throughout the day and setting a new HOY, but stopping short of surpassing 6.00. Needs another surge of volume to push it over that resistance point

RVP: Had another excellent surge today, bringing it’s past week gains to over 50% and carrying it past it’s 15.00 resistance that caused it’s pullback late last month. Expecting 20.00 in the upcoming weeks.

SOL: Steadily climbed today as it successfully recovered from it’s large pullback, completing a cup and handle pattern. Has momentum to continue to 10.00 before EOY.

TGTX: Had yet another steady run today, maintaining it’s recent run, where it’s seen nearly 70% gained over the past week. Looking for a strong continuation

EVLO: Had another great day, bringing it’s past week gains to over 100% and bringing it just shy of it’s 52 week high before pulling back. Would like to see it retest 11.50 shortly

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