December 16, 2020

December 17th Watchlist

DS: Had another strong climb today, bringing it’s past month gains to over 110% and briefly over 3.00, with massive volume. Watching for another attempt to surpass that 3.00 mark

SLCA: Had a strong run that surged heading towards close, finishing the day out at 8.00. Has accumulated a massive 156% over the past month, on the radar for a continuation to 10.00 if it can carry it’s momentum

OCG: Had a massive run in after-hours after announcing a public offering at alittle over 20.00, leading to its spike. Not expecting a long term run, but potential for a secondary spike to take place tomorrow morning

SCPS: Led the market in losses today before rebounding completely in afterhours on offering news. Has extremely strange movement throughout today, watching closing tomorrow

NXTD: Had a second day of running, as it fast approaches 1.00. has gained nearly 200% over the past week and Maintaining record breaking volume amounts of over 300 mil while setting new 52 week highs in back to back days. Testing 1.00, looking for it to hold over that mark

MNKD: Maintained it’s consistent run, as it takes off, surging nearly 40% this week and over 100% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, watching for it to push past 4.00

AMRS: Had a strong Uptrend today, climbing and holding over 4.00 after holding a session of a Virtual investor mini series. Has put up nearly 80% over the past month, looking for 5.00 before EOY

VERU: Had a minor gain today despite a large amount of volume, but it continues it’s March north, has seen more then a 150% gain over the past week. Climbed over 11.00 before pulling back to its 10.00 resistance, looking for another push past this price

MARA: Had a strong run today, continuing it’s recent moves. Has added 80% over the past week and over 240% over the past month, expecting 10.00 to be reached with its current momentum

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