December 17, 2019

December 17th Watchlist

VERB:Up over 50% over the last week on a very nice chart. Has momentum currently, needs to surpass 1.50 to continue the climb north, watching

CLSD: Has gained nearly 120% over the past month and nearly 200% over the past 3 months. Has had an excellent uptrend recently, looking for It to reach 2.50+ by eow

ABEO: has gained 81%+ over the past month, with a steady chart. A recovery is underway, 4.75 first or in place.

VERU: An under the radar slow moving stock that’s seen it gain 40% over the past month with a consistent climb. 3.00 approaching, expecting It to be reached shortly

NK: Has gained a whopping 190% over the past month. Looking for it to continue north in the coming days and weekss, 4.00 pt in plwce

MIRM,SIF: Gainers ok watch for continuations

DXF,MREO,JCS: Rebound Candidates
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