December 17, 2020

December 18th Watchlist

AMPE: Performed well, taking off midday and uptrending until close, setting a new 52 week high. Has gained more then 120% over the past month. 2.00 in sight, watching for it to reach and surpass it.

DS: Trended north today, adding to its 136% gained over the past month and bringing it over 3.00. Fast approaching it’s 52 week high, looking for 4.00 in the near future

UUUU: Continued it’s recent Uptrend, steadily climbing thoughout the day, and bringing it’s past week gains to nearly 100%. 4.00 in sight, expecting it to be reached early next week.

MREO: Ran hard in afterhours on licensing pact with Ultragenyx, bringing it close to its 52 week high. Watching tomorrow for a continuation of it’s surge

TKAT: Started the day off excellently on solid news before sliding throughout the day, barely holding above 2.00. Put up more then 40x it’s average volume, looking for a secondary spike to take place tomorrow

NXTD: Had yet another big day, carrying it out of penny stock status, with enormous volume of 400 million shares. Has put up more then 300% over the past week, watching for it to test 2.00 again,

MVIS: Had an excellent day, maintaining it’s recent momentum, surging during the day with great volume. Has gained more then 80% over the past week and 161% over the past month. Closed at it’s 5.00 resistance, on watch for continued momentum to push it higher

SLDB: Had a strong run early morning which continued throughout the day into close. Has nearly doubled in share value over the past week and gained 126% over the past month. Looking for 8.00+ by early next week

MGTX: Had a very consistent run throughout today, holding it’s gains throughout the day and closing strong. Would like to see it surpass 20.00 again and test it’s 52 week high in the near future

YGMZ: Had a monsterous run today, gaining more then 300%, absolutely flying throughout the day. Has momentum, and 20.00 in sight, on watch for it to reach that mark

MARA: Started the day off well, spiking over 10.00 before pulling back, still closing with solid gains and massive volume. Expecting another surge over 10.00, watching closing

VUZI: Has consistent uptrended over the past week, gaining more then 65% over that time and briefly touching 7.00 today before pulling back. Expecting another attempt to surpass that number in the near future

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