December 21, 2020

December 22nd Watchlist

ELYS: Maintained it’s excellent run, climbing throughout the day, into after-hours and closing strong. Has put up 75% over the past week and over 250% over the past month. Expecting it’s surge to continue long term

MVIS: Had a beautiful uptrend today that continued into after-hours, finished out the day approaching 7.00. Has more then doubled over the past week and gained more then 200% over the past month. Expecting it’s surge to continue long term.

NES: Had a strange day, spiking over 5.00 twice today before pulling back hard each time. Had far more volume today then it’s average, expecting another surge to potentially take place early tomorrow

NK: Ran well today with large volume, nearly surpassing 18.00 midday before fading into close. On the radar for a secondary run to take place tomorrow morning

VERI: Currently up nearly 1000% over the past year, and continues to run with solid volume. Has had troubling holding over 30.00, expecting another attempt to surpass that price before EOW

HPK: A normally low volume stock thats surged nearly 250% over the past months time. Negotiating a difficult 16.00 wall, if surpassed, expecting a continuation to 20.00

XXII: Up more then 300% over the past 3m after an excellent 1 month run. Currently negotiating a tough 2.50 wall, watching for a surge of volume to push it past that mark

MCDA: A low volume stock that exploded in afterhours on speculation, surpassing it’s 52 week high. Testing 3.00, on watch tomorrow for it to surpass that mark and continue it’s climb

IZEA: Surged today, as it left 1.00 on the rear view with massive volume. Would like to see it maintain it’s run in the short term to 1.75+ with a high of 2.00

BRPA: Had a massive run throughout the day on excellent news, a run that continued into after-hours. A normally very small volume stock, watching for another massive climb tomorrow to take place as fomo sets in.

KOPN: Had a large run, consistently uptrending throughout the day and closing strong and setting a new year high. Has a bunch of momentum currently, expecting it to reach and potentially surpass 3.00 shorty

UAVS: Performed excellently yet again, adding to its more then 80% gained over the past weeks time, setting a new 52 week high. Has surpassed and held over 5.00, looking for it to push higher

MARA: Put up another big day, steadily climbing and closing strong, while setting another new 52 week high. Has more then doubled in share value over the past weeks time, and nearly 500% over the past 3m. Expecting it’s explosive run to continue

VTGN: Has accumulated nearly 80% over the past week, setting daily 52 week highs over that time. Briefly surpassed 1.50 today before pulling back, would like to see it’s momentum carry it past that mark

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