December 23, 2020

December 24th Watchlist

UUUU: Had a great day today, surging to 4.27 early morning before settling down. Up 122% over the past month, expecting it to recieve the volume needed for it to climb further past 4.00

NMCI: Had a solid climb today, continuing it’s long term Uptrend where it’s gained nearly 300% over the past 3m. 4.00 in sight, looking for that to be reached potential by EOY

AVGR: A penny stock that’s had explosive growth the past 2 days. With recent penny stocks exploding, watching for this to be the next one

SENS: Steadily climbed throughout the day, leading to massive gains and exploded in acferhours after an excellent business update. Approaching 1.00, potential to climb over that in tomorrow’s half day.

OCGN: Had yet another monsterous run today after yesterday’s huge move, up nearly 700% over the past 2 days. Hit 3.00 before pulling back, on the radar for another attempt to surpass 3.00

JAGX: Had a large gain after inking royalties agreement for $6 mil. Climbed and held over 1, looking for this to continue driving the stock price north

FRSX: Has had a beautiful climb in recent days, gaining more then 200% this week alone and over 450% over the past month with massive volume. Surpassed 6.00, looking for it to climb over that mark again

CYCC: Had another steadily climb today with a great chart bringing it’s past week gains to nearly 100%. 10.00+ expected in the upcoming days due to its great momentum

UAVS: Continued it’s run today, added another 16%, bringing it’s past week gains to 160%. Has excellent momentum, looking for 10.00 by EOY

Merry Christmas Everyone
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