December 27, 2020

December 28th Watchlist

IZEA: Having a surge recently with strong volume, putting up 67% over the past week, and 126% over the past month. Briefly surpassed 2.00 on Friday before pulling back, looking for another attempt to surpass that mark and continue it’s climb

SLGG: Had an excellent week, gaining nearly 60%. Needs to maintain Thursdays volume to continue it’s climb, looking for 3.75+

GEVO: Has taken off recently, gaining more then 60% last week, adding to its 335% gained over the past 3m. Spiked over 4.00 on Thursday, setting a new 52 week high before pulling back, on watch for another attempt to surpass and hold over that price

REKR: Put up a solid week, gaining more then 20% and adding to its 60% gained over the past month. Looking for it’s momentum to carry it higher

FLNT: Performed well last week, gaining nearly 60% over that time period. Set a new 52 week high on Thursday, looking for it to test 6.00 in the near future

STKL: Has been an excellent long term gainer, steadily gaining more then 300% over the past year, on moderate volume. Surpassed 10.00 and continues it’s climb past that mark, would like to see 12.50 in early Jan

NMCI: Had a modest week, giving up much of the gains it had accumulated early on. Has still put up 41% over the past month and nearly 300% over the past 3m on a great chart and low volume. At it’s 52 week high, expecting 4.00 in the very near future

UUUU: Gained a modest amount last week, bringing it’s past month gains to 117% and setting a new 52 week high on Friday as it continues to climb north. Looking for 4.50+

ACRS: Consistently climbed last week, gaining nearly 50%, adding to its 143% gained over the past month on a beautiful chart. Near it’s 52 week high, expecting 8.50+ in the upcoming days
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