January 4, 2023

December 29th Watchlist

HX: Had a fantastic run on Friday, reaching 6.00, and continuing it’s fantastic run that’s caused it to gain more then 110% last week and 250% over the past month. Has increased volume over the past month, watching for a continued surge
PTSI: Performed well to close out last week, setting a new 52 week high. On the radar for 60.00+ if it’s momentum holds
HUT: A fantastic long term gainer that’s put up 1500% over the past year with a great chart. Has gained 200% over the past 3m, 15.00 long term pt in place
MARA: Has soared of late, it’s momentum causing it to double in share value over the past 3m. Expecting it to continue north, could see it test it’s 52 week high shortly
HUDI:. A low volume under the radar stock that continues to quickly perform well, amassing 70% last week. Could see it’s run continue this week
WTRH: Had a great day on Friday, soaring heading into close. Put up 10x its average volume, could see it’s recent reversal continue
NXTP: Had a great end to last week, as it continues it’s recent reversal. Put up many times its average volume today, expecting it to climb furrher
RENN: Hit stagnation last week, struggling to climb over that 25.00 wall after months of climbing. Has relatively low volume, if a surge of volume can push it over that wall, could see it fly shortly
BORR: Has performed well over the past month, gaining more then 60% over that timee. Surpassed 1.00 last week and continues to push higher, could see it hit 1.50+ early this week
TIPT: Started last week well and continued to maintain it’s uptrend throughout the week, amassing more then 50%. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, could see it continue to push higher in the near future
STAB: A lower volume stock that had a solid week, gaining more then 40% and running hard on Friday, putting up 20x it’s average volume. Spiked to nearly 4.00 to end the week, could see a surge north this week
BLI: Had a great week, steadily uptrending daily and amassing more than 40%. Has suffered a long term decline, could potentially be the start of a recovery, on watch
AEHR: Has been a fantastic long term gainer that continues to climb, setting a new 52 week high on Friday. Has nearly doubled over the past month and gained 650% over the past 3m, remains one of the best gainers on the market
AGRX: A penny stock that led all afterhour gainers on Friday. 1.00 in sight, could see that reached this week
YELL: An under the radar stock that’s had solid movement. Observing this week
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