December 28, 2020

December 29th Watchlist

GEVO: Had a strong second half of the day, soaring 30% with great volume and bringing it to its 5.00 wall, setting a new year high. Has accumulated more then 400% over the past 3m, looking for it to surpass that 5.00 mark

ENG: Started the day off very well, spiking over 3.50 before pulling back under 3.00. Looking for another surge to take place this week over 3.00

RIOT: Had a big day, continuing it’s long term run that’s seen it put up 57% over the past week and nearly 500% over the past 3m. Expecting it’s momentum to push it higher

MARA: Started the morning off very well, setting a new 52 week high, before sliding throughout the rest of the day. Still managed to add a solid gain to its nearly 200% put up over the past month. Would like to see 14.00+ shortly

FLNT: Continued it’s recent surge today, bringing it’s past week gains to 50%. Watching for it to climb over 6.00 and push higher

OSS: Spiked to over 5.00 early morning briefly before pulling back hard. Up 45% over the past week, if it holds over 4.00, expecting it to climb back over 5.00

UUUU: Maintained it’s recent run, with today’s solid climb bringing it to 121% gained over the past month with a strong chart. Would like to see 5.00 reached before EOY

AQMS: Performed well today, bringing it’s past week gains to more then 100% on excellent volume. Surpassed 3.00, needs to hold over that mark early morning to continue climbing

OEG: Surged north throughout the entire day, setting a new 52 week high. Has momentum recently, would like to see 2.50+ in the near future

GTIM: A low volume stock that had a solid day, bringing it’s past week gains to over 30% and doubling it’s share value over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, expecting 3.50+ before EOY

CYCC: Continued it’s excellent run recently, more then doubling in share value. 10.00 in sight, expecting it to climb to that price point by EOW if it’s current volume holds.

AMRS: Has put up 37% over the past week and more then 100% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today before settling at 6.00, looking for it’s current volume to push it higher

KOSS: Rocketed in afterhours with far more then it’s average volume, due to its very low float. Potential to continue that run tomorrow, watching closely in premarket

BWEN: Running hard yesterday, adding to last week’s solid gains with a big run today and a strong close, setting a new 52 week high, on 10x it’s average volume. Would like to see 9.50+ before EOW with a high of 10.00

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