December 2, 2019

December 2nd Watchlist

ASLN: Had a tremendous week last week, gaining over 300% over that time. Had a strong Friday which surged into a massive Afterhours. Watching for it to hold early morning

CGIX: Fully reversing from a year+ downtrend. 10.00 pt. In place short term. Expecting that to be reached within the next few weeks at most

GLG: A low volume stock traveling under the radar, gaining big numbers over the past 3 months, up 260% over that time. Expecting a long term continuation if it holds over 1.00

CLVS: Another monster gainer recently, up over 300% over the past month. 20.00 approaching quickly at this pace, expecting it to be reached shortly

APPS: Continues to March towards 10.00, up 18% over the past week. A consistent and safe gainer, expecting 10.00 by at least early next year

PT,CANF,SQNS: Gainers on watch for continuations

PRNL,TKKS,DMAC: Rebound Candidates

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