December 30, 2019

December 30th Watchlist

ITRM: Performing very well over the past week, 5.00 resistance approaching, watching for it to surpass that mark in the near future, potentially today

PT: Up 136℅ over the past month, chart is curling north, expecting the uptrend to continue. 2.70 pt in place expected in the upcoming days

MDR: Gained 80%+ over the past month. Would like to see it continue to 1.70, one of the better uptrending stocks over the past few weeks. Watching for a continuation into the new year

CDTX: Gained over 30% last week, seems to be struggling with the 3.15, if it has a strong break past that, would expect it to reach 3.50 shortly after that

FPAY: Gained 259% over the past year, has had an excellent chart over that time. Reached a new 52 week high, expecting a uptrend to 3.00 soon

MREO, TRPX, TEDU: Gainers on watch for a continuation

MBOT, HCR, IGMS: Rebound candidates
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