December 7, 2020

December 8th Watchlist

KIRK: Had a modest gain today, continuing it’s recent Uptrend. Continues to approach it’s 20.00 52 week high, looking for that mark to be reached in the near future

OBLN: Had a massive, uneven day, running more then 100% and at one point, approaching 200% gained, before pulling back. Surpassed 3.00 briefly, watching for it to return to that price point shortly

KBNT: Had another big day, soaring all day and closing strong. Has put up 112% over the past weeks time, and nearly 200% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high, looking for a companion to 10.00

CLRB: Performed modestly today, closing at it’s HOD. Has put up 84% over the past week, would like to see it’s momentum push it higher, carrying it to 3.00

TRCH: A penny stock that’s been flying recently, including today, on recent positive news releases. Put up roughly 10x it’s average daily volume today, and has gained 150% over the past mo the, including 72% over the past week. Watching for .80+, if that mark is reached, potential for 1.00

AQB: Had a strong day, spiking to over 11.00 midday, setting a new 52 week high, before pulling back heading into close. Has still gained 68% over the past week and 142% over the past month, on watch for it’s momentum to carry it back over 10.00 and higher

CIIC: Performed well today, steadily pushing higher throughout the day and closing strong. Has put up more then 50% over the past week, and set another new 52 week high today, looking for 40.00

TRNE: Continuing it’s excellent recent climb, with today’s run bringing it’s past week gains to 64% and nearly doubling it’s share value over the past months time. Surpassed 20.00, looking for it to continue north

SINO: A low volume stock that’s performed very well recently, climbing nearly 60% last week on a steady chart and rebounding from a recent pullback. Expecting it to continue it’s uptrend for the foreseeable future

PLG: Had a big day, maintaining a steady climb with a decent close, holding over 4.00. Has put up 80% over the past week and more then doubled over the past month with strong volume, watching for another attempt to surpass 4.50

BCRX: Spiked early morning after announcing 325 Mil of funding before pulling back hard, only to steadily climb and close near the price point it initially spiked to. Has gained 76% over the past month, looking for today’s news to continue driving it north

GMDA: Had an excellent day, with a beautiful chart, steadily Uptrending throughout the day and holding it’s gains heading into close, closing near its HOD. Testing 11.00, would like to see it surpass it shortly

AEY: A low volume stock, AEY Had another big run today, bringing it’s past month gains to over 120%. Climbed over 4.00 today with several times it’s average volume, looking for a continuation
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