December 8, 2020

December 9th Watchlist

CRIS: Soared in Premarket on a positive Phase 1 trial regarding their product and leukemia. Had multiple runs today, including soaring in after-hours. Announced a offering, watching for it to hold after that news.

PLG: Has maintained it’s steady climb throughout the day, continuing it’s recent gains, where it’s put up 91% over the past week and over 150% over the past month. Negotiating 5.00, looking for it to surge past that mark

MIK: Slowly putting up gains, up more then 50% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, looking for another climb over 13.00

EVGN: Had another modest gain today bringing it’s past month gains to 53% and carrying it over 4.00. has momentum, looking for it to push higher

INFI: Put up many more times it’s average volume today, Breaking it out of it’s stagnantion and continuing it’s uptrend, and bringing it’s past month gains to 145%. Looking for 3.00+

FCEL: Had a steady run today, it’s past month gains have been pushed to more then 250%. Would like to see a return to 10.00 in the near future

XXII: Restarted its climb today, setting another new 52 week high and bringing it’s past 3 month gain to over 210%. 2.00 up ahead, needs to rids it’s momentum past that mark

BDR: Climbed throughout the entirety of the day, including briefly touching 2 at the beginning of after-hours before pulling back. Looking for a return to that 2.00 mark in the very near future

BLNK: Had a decent day, bringing it’s past week gains to over 30% as it recovers from a recent pullback. Expecting another climb over 30.00 and for it to push higher

KBNT: Has over 100% gained over the past week, spiked early on before falling today, looking for it to continue it’s March to 10.00

ONCT: Had a consistent Uptrend today, with a strong close. Has nearly 70% gained over the past week as it rebounds from a step pullback, needs to surpass 5.55 to continue north

SQBG: Performing very well recently, including 70% over the past week, and 150% over the past month, despite it’s relatively low volume. 20.00 pt in place

AQB: Has had a strong run recently, including 131% over the past month. Had a minor pullback today, looking for it to regain it’s momentum and climb to 10.00+

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