December 2, 2018

December Swings and Uptrending Stocks


APPS(+43% past month): Showing positive uptrends over the last few weeks. Currently filling a gap, watch for it to return to 2.50 in the short term.

CRMD(+121% past 3m): Decent movements, massive uptrend was interrupted by a large pullback. Slowly returning back to its former levels. 2.25pt.

INOD(+37% past month): Solid reversal underway, as its gained nearly 100% since the beginning of July. Expecting a continuation, 2.50 pt.

LIQT(+208% past year): Had a very good year, before a pullback stunted its growth. Watching for it to heat up again and climb over its 52 week high of 1.90

DHXM(+47% past month): An incredible reversal took place, gaining over 200% since mid sept. on a very steady chart. Looks primed to continue its climb.

TMQ(+173% past year): A pretty consistent stock since the beginning of 2016. Resistance at 2.33, watch over it.

AEZS(+55% past month): Has rocketed since the beginning of November, Gaining +150% over that time. Expect this explosive recovery to continue

ATRS(+94% past year): Long term gainer, jagged chart, perfect for swinging

DOGZ(+60% past month): Very low volume stock thats seen a large spike take place, gaining 75% over the last 2 weeks. Strong reversal underway, watching for it to continue

SSKN(+139% past year): Has had a good year interrupted by a large pullback. Has done well to erase the drop, 3.80 pt. by eoy in place

ZDGE(+91% past month): Has had an explosive 2 weeks, expecting it to continue its climb back to its previous levels of 4.25

CHMA(+71% past 3m): Has been a huge gainer since the beginning of August, gaining 200% over that time. Strong resistance at 4.25, watching over it

IMMY(+178% past year): Consistent gainer over the last year as it reverses from a large fall. Expecting another attempt to break 5.30 in its near future

RUBI(+147% past year): Consistent uptrend, resistance at 4.75. Holding well, only a matter of time before itt breaks the wall.

AMSC(+200% past year): Strong company and stock thats recovery and returning to its former levels. A large test will be the 11.50 wall, watch over that for this to truly run

BBD(+54 % past 3m): Performing well, rebounding from 2 large pullbacks. Resistance is at 11.75, expecting a the slow climb to continue to that level.

BVX(+144% past year): Low volume stock with a steady uptrend over the past year. Recovered from its pullback well and fast approaching its 52 week high of 7.62.

ELP(+70% past 3m): Surging recently, 10.50 pt in place, as it returns to its former levels

PACB(+145% past year): Decent stock working hard to reverse its movements. Has a large spike recently and has held its gains, even continuing the climb. On watch

NFEC(+907% past year): Has had one of the best charts over the last year, absolutely flying since March of this year. Has climbed over the $10 wall. Expecting it to continue from here

CATS(+230% past year): Decent year, recovering well from its pullback, expecting it to return to its 52 week high of 14.30

AMSC(+200% past year): At its 52 week high, with plenty of room left to climb, solid long term hold as the company turns itself around

USOD(+126% past year): Strong reversal underway, looks primed to come all the way back from this initial fall, Keep on watch

DWT(+128% past 3m): As crude oil has been moving lately, this stock has been a direct result of the recent moves, expect this to continue.

GOL(+117% past 3): Recovering from a pullback, making strong gains of late. Expecting it to return to its former levels of 14.20

RSYS,AGEN,BDSI,CIG,GLUU,OSIR(,TYME,CYH,ICAD,JE,NIHD,HMHC,LIVX,LVFN: Stocks with good set ups on watch to become good swing stocks
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