September 9, 2018

Early September Swings/Uptrending Stocks $1-20

LIQT(+156% last 3m): One of the best stocks under $2, liqt has continued its run thats yielded a massive 285% over the last year. Expect it to continue to $2
UUUU: Formerly a solid swing, pulling back and broke under 3. Watch for a potential curl back north, to restart its uptrend.
INSG(+90% over the last 3m): Has had an excellent year, climbing steadily towards a 200% gain during that time period. Has plenty of room to run
RIBT(+86% Last 3m): Strong stock, performing well over the last few months. Currently pulling back, providing an excellent chance to get in while lower.
RUBI(+117% last 3m): Struggling to break 4, however keep eyes on it, if it does so, plenty of room to climb.
STKS(+100 past year): Jagged pattern but a general uptrend over the past year. Long-term hold stock
TPNL(+115% last 6m): Newer stock, but has grown excellently since it hit the market. Potential hidden gem to watch.
ASNA(+100% past 6m): Decent stock that had a strong run the last few months, more then doubling its value since the beginning of may. Recovering from a pullback, watch over $5
EVFM(+120% past month): Performing excellently of late, as it starts a strong reversal. Plenty of Room to continue its climb, first pt. $6.20
GTIM: More then doubles it value since Feb. of this year. A rather steady uptrend, a perfect chart for swinging. Keep eyes on it
ARQL(+426% past year): Has had a tremendous year, thats stalled as it continues to negotiate the 6.80 wall. Set an alert for 7.05, to hop on this train should the uptrend continue
BVX(+168% past year): A very consistent Stock over the last year, having a very sudden reversal taking place since mid march. Broke past major resistance points, watch the stock continue to run
CATS(+45% Past month): Performing well since the new year, climbing over 150% over that time on a very jagged chart. Expect The climb to continue to 11.00
CDMO(+114% last 3m): Has had an explosive few months after surging after spending time at its support. Room left to climb
CSBR(+175% Past year): Exploding for over 100% since the end of may, CSBR is currently on a pullback, With 2 minor resistance points to break, keep an eye on it for it to make its move
DNR(+360% Past year): Needs to have a reversal soon, as a strong pullback is underway. Wait for it to find its support before buying in.
GLUU(+114% past year): Explosive growth over the last 6 months. Expect the positive trend to continue
ISNS(+100% past year): Has had a pretty decent climb of late, pressing against resistance, watch over 6.35
LTRX(+65% past Month): Nearly up 200% since the end of march. Sporadic growth, resistance at 6.30, watching
RMBL(+104% Past 3m): At its all time high, RMBL continues its climb, watch over 10 for it to truly take off
SFS(+55% past 3m): Performing well over the last few months. Resistance holds strong at 7.20, watch for a break
TRXC(+455% past year): Extreme gains this year, gaining as much as 500% over the last year before pulling back. Resistance at 6, with such a strong surge, watch for another attempt to break it
VSTM: Excellent recovery since March 2017, huge potential with this one, stay vigilant.
XENE(+391% past year): Excellent stock Thats had a Huge reversal since the new year. No signs of stopping, large Pt. of $20 in place
USAT(+193% past 5 years): One of the top under 20 stocks on the market, Usat has maintained a solid uptrend For over 5 years. Strong long term hold.
CDXS(+227% past year): Excellent long term hold, as it continues its uptrend to its all time high. Potential retirement stock, A+
GFN(+185% past year): Consistent gainer, Floating around its resistance thats held it down for 3 months. Set an alert for 14.50 for it to become a buy
SIEB(+103% past 3m): Has performed well this year, as it retraces its steps back to a large spike late last year. Large pt of $20
ARWR(+555% past year): Excellent, steady gainer over the last year. Pt. of $25 in place, plenty of room left to climb
ENDP(+106% past 3m): Sudden uptrend taking place over the past few months. Near its year high, room left to climb
LFVN(+143% past 3m): Steady Uptrend last 3 months. Resistance and pt are set high, 15.25 pt.
SHSP(+271% past year): Healthy chart and stock over the last year. Pulling back currently, watching for a reversal and continuation of its upward movements
RFIL(+490 past year): Excellent year, large pullback underway, watch for 10 to hold strong before buying in
RFP(+193% past year): Consistent gainer over the last year, Solid hold stock, potential to return to $19 in the next few weeks
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