September 6, 2021

Early September Swings


CFMS: Up nearly 90% over the past 3m, consistently pushing north over that time period. Set a new 52 week high last week, expecting a continuation to 2.00 in the upcoming
URG: Has picked up recent momentum, adding more than 20% last week, and reversing from its extended pullback. has room left to recover, would like to see a return to 1.75+ shortly

DOGZ: A slow gainer over the past month that’s added 30% over that time with a solid chart. On the radar for a continuation
UEC: Trickled north the second half of last week, amassing 25% to end the week, and reaching 3.00. Has strong resistance at 3.50, has the momentum to carry it back to that mark.
HVBT: Has a recent slow but consistent climb taking place, as it begins curling north after months of downtrending from its high. Looking for 4.00+
OPGN: Putting up big numbers in recent months, including 70% over the past 3m. Has the momentum to test 4.00 and potentially it’s 52 week high, watching closely this week.

ADIL: Has amassed more than 80% over the past week, and continues to see new 52 week highs lately. 5.00 Short term pt in place, expecting it to push over that mark shortly
PFMT: A very long-term gainer that’s put up more than 600% over the past years time. Came within a few cents of its 52 week high on Friday, watching for it to climb over 5.00 and continue its run
AEHR: Has performed very well recently, setting near-daily 52 week highs and amassing more than 210% over the past 3m. Has excellent recent momentum, would like to see 10.00 reached in the coming days
APOP: Had a fantastic Friday, setting a new 52 week high before declining throughout the day. Has still soared in the recent weeks, looking for it to continue it’s uptrend over 8.00 in the near future
BNED: Continues to push higher despite the odds, accumulating 330% over the past year, including setting a new 52 week high
DSX: Currently working on completing a cup and handle pattern as it finishes it’s rebound from it’s large pullback in July. Has gained more than 250% over the past year, expecting it’s climb to continue north
EVC: A relatively low volume stock that’s maintained a consistent climb over the past year, adding nearly 400% over that time. Has strong momentum and a solid base, it remains a strong swing option as it continues it’s push to 10.00
GSM: One of the best gainers over the past year, gaining nearly 2000% over that time, including more than 60% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high last week before pulling back, on the radar for another push over 10.00
METC: A great long term gainer that set a new 52 week high on Friday, surpassing 10.00 briefly before falling back. Remains a low volume stock but has excellent momentum to continue higher
PAVM: Has soared since Feb., consistently climbing and pushing higher. 10.00m pt remains in place, on the radar for that price to be reached shortly
STGW: Has been an extremely consistent gainer over the past year, maintaining a steady surge over that time period. Up more then 250% over that time, looking for 9.50+ in the near future
TYHT: A very low volume stock that’s had a fantastic past month, consistently climbing throughout that time and maintaining it’s run to 10.00. Expecting it’s recovery to continue long term, on the radar long term
DNN, SB, ANY,GTIM,III, KZR,NXE,RCMT, VLON, MARA: Stocks set up to become swings
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