February 9, 2021

February 10th Watchlist

MOGO: Soared today, with Bitcoin exposure being involved, continuing the excellent uptrend it’s had recently, gaining more than 132% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, 12.50 next pt

RIOT: Had another strong run today as Bitcoin continues to heat up recently. Has climbed nearly 1000% over the past 3m and shows no signs of slowing. 50.00 long term pt

MARA: Had another strong surge today, setting yet another new 52 week high and briefly testing 40.00 before pulling back. Had massive volume, considering its share price, expecting a continuation in the upcoming days

EMAN: Consistently climbed throughout the day, and closed strong, holding its gains and setting a new 52 week high. Has amassed 70% over the past month and nearly 200% over the past 3m. Expecting a strong push over 4.00

FLL: Performed well today, spiking early morning and holding most of its gains throughout the day. Has more than doubled in share value over the past month, would like to see its run continue to 10.00

XONE: Ran hard yet again, continuing its near-daily tendency to climb north, leading to its nearly 400% gain over the past months’ time. Has plenty of momentum and a surge of volume, would like to see 75.00+ in the coming days

ANTE: Had a strong climb today with solid volume, bringing its past week gains to nearly 60% and past 3m to more than 280%. Currently at its 52 week high, expecting 5.00 shortly

TRXC: Set another new 52 week high today as it closes in on 5.00. has amassed a whopping 1100% over the past 3m, leaving its penny stock status far behind. Expecting a continuation over 5.00 this week

CPSH: Has been an explosive gainer recently, with today’s modest climb bringing its past week gains to more than 200% and past 3m gains to nearly a ridiculous 1500%. Expecting it to continue north, 25.00 pt in place

KOPN: Had another modest climb today, adding to its 28% over the past week, 200% over the past month, and 500% over the past 3m with a great chart over that time. 10.00 pt in place

EH: Spiked hard today, rebounding nicely from its recent pullback and sending it back towards its 100.00 52 week high tested recently. Looking for that to be reached in the near future

ZDGE: A low volume stock that continues its March north under the radar, continuously setting new 52 week highs. Fast approaching our 15.00 pt, expecting that to be surpassed before EOW

BGI: Ran hard today, consistently climbing and closing strong. Currently at its 52 week high, expecting it to push higher 3.00 pt

AMRS: Surged hard today, surpassing our 15.00 pt and continuing north, setting a new 52 week high. Has added over 60% over the past week, contributing to its more than 700% gained over the past 3m. 17.50 next pt in place

DXYN: A very low volume stock that continues to maintain its push north, with today’s climb bringing its past 3m gains to more than 270% with a great chart over that time. Testing 5.00, expecting it to surpass that and continue its under the radar climb

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