February 16, 2021

February 17th Watchlist

LKCO: Had a phenomenal run today, on news of closing its $15 mil direct offering. Has put up a massive 300%+ over the past week, with large volume over that time. Settled at 3.00, looking for another push north

CAN: Performed very well throughout the day, nearly reaching 20.00 and closing at its HOD. Has amassed 175% over the past week, and shows no signs of slowing, would like to see it surge over 20.00 and continue its run

KOPN: Climbed well today, setting a new 52 week high and bringing its past month gains to 323%. Has excellent long term momentum, expecting 15.00+ in the near future

RIOT: Had another surge today, as Bitcoins hype continues to drive multiple stocks share prices higher. Would like to see 75.00 before EOW

ANTE: Ran hard thoughout the day, before taking off in after-hours, gaining another 40%. Has been a long term gainer, expecting a continuation this week

MARA: Another Bitcoin related run, with today’s run bringing its past month gains to more than 1700%. Has great momentum, expecting 50.00+ shortly

TIGR: Spiked early morning and continued throughout the day, holding its gains heading into close and bring its past month gains to more than 160%. 40.00+ expected in the near future

TRCH: Had an excellent run today, driven by this mornings news of its secured lender converting remaining Senior Debt into common. Has been a fantastic gainer long term, putting up nearly 1500% over the past 3m. Would like to see 5.00 tested again this week

CCIV: Had another big run today, pushing it over 50.00 and to a new 52 week high on report of nearing deal with Lucid Motors. Has gained nearly 459% over the past 3m, expecting 60.00 before EOW

EMAN: Had a beautiful climb today, consistently Uptrending with a strong close, maintaining its previous Uptrend which has seen it more then double over the past month and gain more than 300% over the past 3m. 5.00 approaching fast

SIFY: A great long term gainer that’s taken off recently, gaining nearly 90% over the past week, having a near-daily climb over that time. 6.00 in sight, expecting that to be reached and surpassed

BNGO: Had another surge today, pushing it over 15.00 and to a new 52 week high. Has gained a ridiculous 2900% over the past 3m, 20.00 pt in place

PETZ: Went parabolic after-hours due to a pump, surpassing 10.00. On watch tomorrow for a continuation to take place

FAMI: Had good volume and a big run in AH, has the potential for 3.00+ if it’s momentum carries it higher

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