February 17, 2021

February 18th Watchlist

EH: Had an excellent rebound today after yesterdays report caused a large drop in price. Was an excellent long term gainer previously, looking for a return back to 100.00 before eow

RIOT: Continued it’s long term surge as bitcoin absolutely takes off. Has amassed 1800% over the past 3m and shows no signs of slowing, 90.00 pt by eow

ANTE: Rebounded very nicely after yesterdays large pullback, nearly returning to it’s prefall prices. Briefly tested 7.00, on the radar for a return to that price in the near future.

MOGO: Had a strong run, taking off near the end of the day, to easily surpass 10.00, setting a new 52 week high. Has great momentum, 12.50 pt in place

MARA: Continues to be driven north by bitcoins success. Has gained 1800%+ over the past 3m, fast approaching 50.00, would like to see that surpassed before EOW

GRNQ: Steadily climbed throughout the day, surpassing 4.00 and closing strong. Up more then 90% over the past 3m and has good momentum, looking for 4.50+ shortly

MTC: Has been an excellent long term gainer, amassing nearly 400% over the past 3m, including more then 150% over the past month. Briefly tested 6.00 before pulling back, on the radar to retest that price

CNET: Had an interesting day, spiking early morning before pullback hard, only to take off again, running back to it’s previous high to end the day. Looking for it to push higher

NXTD: Had a great spike late in the day heading into afterhours. Pulled back to 3.00 in afterhours, watching for a secondary morning spike to take place

QS: Consistently climbed throughout the day, performing very well, and closing the day out on a high note. Had tons of volume, looking for 70.00 to be reached

DPW: Had a steady uptrend throughout the day and held it’s gains heading into close. Had a minor pullback in afterhours, looking for 8.00+ in the coming days

RCON: Had a big run today, steadily climbing and bringing it’s past month gains to more then 110%. 4.00 short term pt in place

XTNT: Climbed over 2.00 with ease and continued north throughout the day. Has put up more then 80% over the past month, would like to see 2.50+
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