February 18, 2021

February 19th Watchlist

CLSK: Steadily climbed throughout the day, surging as it headed into close. Briefly touched it’s 40.00 52 week high, looking for it to retest that price

TKAT: Having an excellent long term uptrend, amassing 129% over the past month, and 286% over the past 3m. Set another new 52 week high today, looking for 5.00 to be reached next week

TIRX: A low volume stock that has gained nearly 900% since it’s induction into the market at the end of Jan. Continues to quietly surge, would like to see 45.00 early next week

FLNT: Had a strong spike, surpassing 8.00 before pulling back and continuing it’s long term uptrend, gaining 150% over the past 3m. 10.00 long term pt in place

AVGR: Had a massive run early morning before declining throughout the day. On the radar for a secondary run to take place

NK: Maintained it’s long term uptrend today despite market conditions. has accumulated more then 40% over the past week and 346% over the past 3m. 40.00 pt in place

USWS: Had a big run to begin the day before sliding throughout the day, falling back below 3.00. Has still gained nearly 300% over the past month with a great chart, looking for another climb over 300%.

NCTY: Had a minor climb today, continuing it’s march north that’s had it gain more then 500% over the past month. Expecting a continuation next week

JMP:Beat EPS by 0.27, causing a large afterhours surge. Potential to continue it’s climb in tomorrows PM, Watching
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