February 21, 2020

February 21st Watchlist

BBI: A big gainer recently, BBI has gained over 150% over the past weeks time due to several days of large runs. Fell under 3 in after market hours, looking for a morning spike

ASNA: Had a consistent climb yesterday after announcing positive news, closing over 6.00 and holding is gains into the market close. Watching for a continuation

BASI: Had a steady uptrend, before dipping slightly heading into after-hours. It’s recovery has shown the stock has room to climb, if it surpasses 6.00, expect a run

AEY: Has seen it’s share value double in value over the last month with a very solid chart to go along with that. Continues to set new 52 week high, looking for 5.00 to be reached shortly

MSRN: Gained nearly 200% over the past 3m, with it currently at its highest point over that time period. The chart has been surging, expecting It to fill the gap to 4.00 in the coming days.

SCPH: A lower volumes stock, SCPH has gained over 90% over the past month, with a very nice chart. Currently at its 52 week high, expecting it to climb further

MLSS: A stock up nearly 600% over the past year and continuing to push higher, this remains a great buy and hold for right now, until it begins to show signs of weaking

PHUN, CYH: Stocks on watch for continuations

TVTY, AEZS,VIVE: Rebound Candidates
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