February 21, 2021

February 22nd Watchlist

UAMY: Had a strong climb on Friday, pushing as high as 2.50 before pulling back hard. Has amassed 186% over the past month and more than 425% over the past 3m. Holding over 2.00, looking for another surge north

BGI: A great stock that continues putting up big gains, with last week’s 48% adding to its more than 350% gained over the past 3m with a great chart over that time. Looking for 4.00 to be reached this week

NMCI: An excellent stock that has more than doubled since our original call, consistently climbing with a beautiful chart on its way to nearly 200% gained over the past 3m. Expecting a continuation long term

SESN: Has more than doubled in share value over the past week, continuously setting new 52 week highs. Has excellent momentum, expecting 3.50+ shortly

CLIR: A low volume stock that’s steadily and consistently climbed more than 550% over the past year with a great chart over that time. Heavily under the radar, at its 52 week high, expecting a continued climb

ZKIN: Doubled over the past week, consistently climbing over that time and adding to the more than 400% gained over the past 3m. Fully expecting a continuation to and potentially over 10.00 this week

XNET: Currently up 167% over the past month, Including gaining more than 40% last week, ending the week on a high note, setting a new 52 week high, and surpassing 10.00. Climbed as high as 11.00+, looking for it to return to that price

MYT: Gained more than 90% last week, including closing out the week on a high note, bringing its past month gains to 234%. Continues to push north, expecting a continuation this week

OSS: Continues pushing higher nearly each week on its march to 10.00. Has amassed 74% over the past month and 266% over the past 3m, expecting 9.50+ this week

USIO: Maintains its steady long-term climb, which has seen it climb nearly 150% over the past month and 400% over the past 3m. Has excellent momentum and no signs of stopping, expecting 9.00 early this week

KOPN: Has been an explosive gainer in recent months, gaining nearly 800% over the past 3m. Had a large pullback last week after testing 15.00, however, rebounded nicely on Friday. Would like to see a return to 15.00 in the coming days

CAN: Soared on Friday, erasing the earlier pullback and bringing it to 144% gain last week, and more than 400% over the past month. Has excellent momentum, expecting to see 30.00 this week

NCTY: Has been a phenomenal performer, amassing 700% over the past month with a beautiful chart over that time. Set another new 52 week high on Friday, watching for 100.00 to be reached this week

LX: Had a solid week, gaining more than 20% and reversing nicely from the pullback suffered. Up 137% over the past month with a great chart over that time, looking for 17.50 shortly

NK: Had a strong week, gaining 50% with a strong chart, adding to its 126% accumulated over the past month. Testing 40.00, expecting it to push past that and continue north this week

RIOT: Had a great week, continuing to be driven north by the bitcoin hype. The coin continues to drive north, expecting the same for this stock this week.
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