February 22, 2021

February 23th Watchlist

RNWK: Had a consistent climb throughout the day, continuing it’s recent uptrend that’s amassed 186% over the past month. Holding above 5.00, would like to see 5.75 again this week

ZKIN: Had a beautiful climb throughout the day, bringing it’s past week gains to more then 100% and past month gains to 232%. Surpassed 10.00 today, expecting a return to 12.50

CCIV: Climbed over 60.00 before pulling back hard. Has gained nearly 500% over the past 3m. 65.00 pt in place

NK: Has been an excellent long term gainer, steadily climbing it’s way to nearly 150% over the past month and more then 400% over the past 3m. Has excellent momentum, expecting another surge over 45.00

ASM: Steadily uptrended throughout the day and closing strong. Had decent volume, on the radar to reach 2.00

INDO: Climbed early morning, grew stagnant throughout the day before pushing higher to end the day. Testing 9.00, looking for a continuation to 10.00 shortly

CDE: Steadily climbed throughout most of the day, closing at 10.00 and holding it’s gains into close. Has strong resistance at 11.00, a mark reached 3 times over the past 3m, would like to see that price tested again

TIRX: Has absolutely flown since debuting in late Jan, climbing 1300% over that time, including todays strong gains. Expecting it to continue it’s phenomenal run throughout the week

TRCH: Had a great start to the day before sliding throughout the day. Has climbed more then 1000% over the past 3m, looking for another attempt for it to restart it’s uptrend

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