February 24, 2020

February 24th Watchlist

TOCA: Led the market on Friday with over 100% gained, contributing to it’s monstrous 350% gained last week. Looking for a short term spike to continue it’s excellent trend

EGO: Surged to a 60%+ gain last week, with a consistent uptrend. Pressing against 10.00, if it breaks that mark, looking for a continuation to 12.50

FTFT: Had a modest 15% gain last week leading to over 100% gained in the past 3m. Surpassed 1.00, looking for it to continue

CLGN: Up over 150% over the past 3m. Solid gains last week, looking for 15.00+ this week

MLSS: Continued it’s tremendous surge last week, tacking on another 23%. Interacting with a 2.50 wall, expecting it to push past that and continue north

PAVM: Gained over 20% last week, bringing it to over 100% gained over the past month and over 200% gained over the past 3 months. Surpassed 3.00, looking for 3.50+ early this week

AVDL,GNPX,OXBR:Gainers on watch for contnuations

VAL,EYPT,CNDT: Rebound Candidates

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