February 24, 2021

February 25th Watchlist

UAMY: Climbed back to 2.00 today, going as high as reaching 2.30. Has gained nearly 150% over the past month, would like to see a continuation north

MARA: Had an excellent rebound today, reaching as high as 36.00 before pulling back and performing well in afterhours. Has amassed 580% over the past 3m, looking for 40.00 again this week

XPL: Had a solid day, climbing back over 1.00 and heading back towards it’s 1.25 52 week high. On the radar to retest and potentially surpass that mark

RIOT: Had a decent recovery today, climbing over 55.00 early on before pulling back. Watching bitcoin this evening for signs of a continued recovery

DXYN: Spiked early morning and held it’s gains mostly throughout the day. Has climbed more then 50% over the past month and 171% over the past 3m, expecting a continuation

CDEV: Had a small but solid climb today, bringing it over 4.00 and to a new 52 week high. Has accumulated 64% over the past month and more then 250% over the past 3m, would like to see it continue

OSS: Had a decent climb today, bringing it to 85% gained over the past month and back to towards it’s 9.27 52 week high. Has a strong chart, on the radar

MOGO: Had an excellent day, consistently climbing throughout and closing strong. Expecting another climb back over 10.00 in the coming days

AQMS: Took off early morning and held it’s gains throughout, including a solid close. Would like to see a return to 6.75 in the short term

CCNC: Steadily climbed throughout the day and closed strong despite it’s lower volume. On watch for a return to its 10.00 resistance shortly

MVIS: A long term gainer that’s added nearly 700% over the past 3m. Rebounded from it’s pullback nicely today, looking for it to head back over 20.00

SEEL: Performed decently throughout the day, bringing it to 300% gained over the past 3m. Looking for it to continue back to it’s 4.00 resistance

GME: Flew throughout the day and into afterhours, potentially restarting the crazy multiple runs it had recently, watching closely

TAOP: Had a beautiful climb today, continuing a long term climb that’s seen it gain more then 130% over the past week and 240% over the past month on a great chart. Looking for 13.00+ this week
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