February 27, 2020

February 27th Watchlist

VXRT: Had a very nice Wednesday, continuing that movement north in premarket. Looking for it to hold 2.00 at the opening of the market, if it does, expect another push to 2.30

AEY: Up more then 160% over the past month with a very consistent chart. Recently climbed over 300% gained on the yes and has reached new 52 week highs often. Looking for it to continue that trend to 6.00+ this week

NMRD: Has gained more then 100% over the past weeks time, including it’s 20% yesterday. Briefly rocketed in early morning reaching 10.00 looking for a secondary run to take place

BCRX: Had a solid day that was improved heavily by a late day run. Has Performed well in Premarket, looking for ir to hold over 3 and continue forward

TNPX: A small cap stock that’s soared in recent days, gaining an enormous amount in a week, well over 400%. Has had stellar news as well, expecting another run after any pullback

APT: Maintaining a beautiful chart over the past week, gaining over 200% over that time and setting new 52 week highs daily. Would like to see this excellent uptrend continue to 15.00 in the coming days

TEDU,PRTK: Gainers on watch for continuations

APM,MVIS, LDL: Rebound candidates
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